Articles about recent laminitis research

I am looking for articles on recent research and findings about laminitis. Since I want to pass along these articles to a friend whose horse has laminitis, I am looking for articles that are accessible to a lay reader—you do not have to be a veterinarian or biologist to understand it. Does anyone have suggestions? usually does a decent job of summarizing recent research for a lay audience:

There is a website in the UK which is pretty easy to follow, and has lots of videos:

Thanks so much for these responses!

The Animal Health Foundation in St Louis is the leading funding source for laminitis research. Their website is dedicated to sharing information from research about laminitis directly to horse owners, in hopes of preventing the disease.

They also have an excellent five-part YouTube video series for owners on the latest laminitis research as it applies to horse management, prevention and affected horses.

And they have nothing to sell.

News about laminitis research can be frustrating and overwhelming, since it is often conflicting or about a specific form of laminitis which may not be relevant to your friend’s horse or commercial. AHF is trying to simplify the path to information so the horse can benefit.

Fran Jurga

Ric Redden has some really great articles. They can be found in Nanric’s archives.


here’s a free full text review on causes:
A year old, but not much else has happened since.

A review of recent advances and current hypotheses on the pathogenesis of acute laminitis
L. M. Katz1,*, S. R. Bailey2