Asmar vs. Grand Prix vs. RJ Classics Soft Shell for small riders

Hi guys!

I’m thoroughly frustrated with the process of finding a coat. I thought this would be more fun! I’m looking to update from my old wool coat to something new as i haven’t shown in 14 years; i have everything but the coat. I’m 5’0", 105 pounds which leads to the sizing nightmare.

I bought the Grand Prix Quinn sz 8 and it was sent to me in the mail. Well… it’s getting sent back! The length and sleeves fit but i was busting out of it in all other places. Not to mention, i didn’t think the fabric was all that great (too shiny and kinda ugly.) I have tried on EVERYTHING-- the closest was the Grand Prix Classic 10 slim short-- but it was too long-- $400 for too long seems like a bad idea. For some reason, RJ didn’t fit at all but maybe i tried the wrong coats? They were too loose in a 0. RJ child’s coats fit in a 16 but seemed boxy and i didn’t like the fit.

So, now i found this Asmar Wellington soft shell on sale online. I’m probably an XS. One caveat: it’s non-returnable and who knows what it looks like on! I will buy it if someone has glowing reviews and believes the size is a match.

Any suggestions, thoughts ladies?

i should also add…maybe i should just get the Quinn in the other fabric for $450 in a 10. That’s an option i’m open to as well.

What is your body type, e.g. broad shoulders, big bust, long torso, etc.?

Have you tried Tailored Sportsman’s soft shell?

I did try it on and didn’t really like it. I didn’t feel it was tailored in the way i like, which is to really curve inwards on the side. I like an extremely clean look, no wrinkles, bulges, boxy, dad-looking coat etc. My budget is in the range of the Quinn, which is $350. If it’s the perfect coat, i’d buy it for a bit more! Though things like Animo and some of the RJs are way out of range for me. I’m very short, short torso, curvy, narrow shoulders – for example Quinn 8 fit perfectly length wise and shoulder wise, but then was too tight for my waist-- so i guess i’m a bit “larger” in the middle than the rest of my body.

So i was considering this:

But don’t know if it’s too flashy for the hunter ring. I LOVE that hot pink piping but it might be too much? And i’m not sure of the fit and can’t try it on!

All in all, i’m probably between returning my crappy looking Quinn for the nicer fabric one in a 10 or getting this coat in an XS. Thanks for responding!

RJ makes a 00 short that might fit better

I love my Asmar although their sizes do run weird. I normally wear a s/m in clothes and my jacket from them is an extra small. The measurement chart on their website is accurate though.

Try the other models in GP. I am small too and it is only coat that fits me. The Quinn is my least favorite version of their coats. The Tack Room in Camden, SC has a great selection and they can send you one. I have not tried Asmar. I would love an Animo coat but don’t want to pay that much!

I would not buy a non refundable jacket that you have not seen or tried on. There are way too many variables with show jacket sizing which is tricky to begin with. You can be a 00 in one and a 12 in another brand. Do you want the new totally unlined type? Jackets now have no linings, mesh linings, stretch fabric linings or traditional linings and they all have a different fit.

You MAY fit well in the RJ classic xtreme grey label washable (not to be confused with the xtreme orange $500 +/-label) in a short. They are quite traditional but have a nice stretch. They run in the low $200 range and have a light lining.

Also the tredstep solo classic (not the pro with the interchangeable collar-lays funny) classic is nice but it runs big imho

So I went to dover this weekend and tried EVERYTHING on, except an RJ 00 bc they didn’t have it. RJ 00 only comes in one kind of soft shell they have … The grey label is out. Tried on tred step and tailored again and was swimming in both. So I finally bought the Quinn in a 10 and will be posting pictures soon; I’m not thrilled and think I made a poor choice-- I should have gone back to the classic Grand Prix in 10 short slim, but I had felt it was too long… Well I should have gotten that one tailored bc they are now all backordered! Thanks for the help guys.