Assistance Locating a Trainer?

Hello! Brand new to CoTH but was directed here by a friend.

I’ve been searching for a lesson program for my two children for several months, and am striking out completely. Having a terrible time getting anyone to return calls or messages!

I have a background in the hunter/jumper world, but my son has expressed interest in riding western and I would love to branch into an entirely new world so we’re here for it. No preference for specific discipline, but was hoping to get involved in breed shows of some type (Quarter Horses, Paint, Appaloosa, POA, anything).

We’re located in North Georgia in the general vicinity of Cleveland, Gainesville, Oakwood, Flowery Branch, etc.

I’ve even gone so far as to call the GQHA and gotten no response from their local recommendation. I’ve searched specific breed sites and am not finding them very navigable without being a member. At this point, general western riding of some type just to get our foot in the door and get started would be amazing.

Can anyone help? Search terms? Recs? Another site to check? Please and thank you!! I will be happy to answer any additional questions if it would help. Attempting to be at least a little vague with info.

I’m not in that area, but in Georgia, boarding barns have to be inspected and licensed so one place to start is the Agriculture department’s list of stables:

-> (search by county or show all)

That should at least turn up some names you can contact and see what kind of riding people do there.

Additionally, there is a state-wide association of “saddle clubs” that hold open shows with a lot of western classes. Start here, figure out which region you’re in and find that club (probably on Facebook)

Haley Swift, near Gainesville. She rode with me growing up and now teaches school and gives lessons. PM for her contact information.

I appreciate the info. Thank you for that!

I’ve contacted the local 4H and most of the facilities I’m finding listed I’ve either already contacted, or don’t offer lessons, but I will keep digging!

Thank you! Still trying to figure out how to send you a PM in order to get Haley’s contact info from you.

Maybe this is her?

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Yes, that is her.

It is in the reply underneath this one.