Attention mods! Name change, please?

I would like to officially change my name from Tikihorse2 to just Tikihorse; pretty sure that user is inactive now. I did it already unofficially, but I don’t want to be banned for posting under a fake name or an alias; I completely forgot about that.

Thank you very much!

Your username is currently tikihorse, so I’m not sure what you’re requesting. Can you provide some more information, please?

Okay! Let me clarify: on the boards, I used to be tikihorse2. After the latest changeover, I found I was able to switch my username to tikihorse, which was my original name (like in the early 2000s).

I would just like to make sure the mods know I’m not posting under an alias, as I don’t want to be banned. Does that make sense?

Got it. You’re all set. Would you like the accounts merged so all of your info is together?

Oh, yes, please!