Attitudes towards Helmet Use Survey

(I’ve just posted this on the announcements page, but because I particularly need NON-helmet users to participate, I am cross-posting here):
Would you like to contribute to research on helmet use in equine disciplines? And possibly win gift certificates, helmets, or books? (separate drawings at the end of parts 1 and 2 or the study)

I am particularly looking for Western riders and those who do NOT use helmets on a regular basis.

If you are willing to help out, please complete my survey. It should take around 20 minutes.
If you do the survey and have questions, Email me at (I am a lifelong horseperson and an academic researcher!)
Feel free to share this post with all horse people!
Thanks in advance to everyone who can help out!
Copy-paste link:

What will the research be used for?

Are you selling anything?

If this is academic research where do you get your helmet freebies?

If this is a push survey and sales effort what company do you represent?

What will you do with the personal contact information you collect for the helmet raffle?

I never wore a helmet as a kid but as a returning adult in English I have gotten completely used to wearing one, and will certainly have my very comfortable Charles Owen bubble head on even for trail rides in Western saddles. So I am not your target for the survey anyhow :slight_smile:

Also I never click on links from brand new posters.


Thought at first you were asking about attitudes towards taking the survey. Maybe reword as Survey of Helmet Use Attitudes. Or drop the attitudes entirely, just helmet use, hard to quantify attitudes.

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I took one for the team and clicked the link (it’s a work laptop, so…you know…low risk :lol:). It is a legit link and the answers to your questions are all explained right on the front page.

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Ok, I clearly have a bad attitude to surveys.

Since I always wear a helmet though, I’m not who the OP wants to hear from.


@Scribbler same here. Also not a western rider–even though one of my “back-up plans” is to open a ranch in rural Montana, go off the grid, and be a cowgirl.


Ok, survey is totally legit. But now I feel I should be steering folks away from it because I really want to win the Trauma Void helmet!!


That’s one of my back-up plans too. Only in Wyoming. :smiley:


Well, three cups of coffee later! It’s actually a good survey. @Scribbler - I’ll give you the Trauma Void helmet if I win it.

Yes, a real academic survey not the typical freshman marketing class effort!

I will hold you to the Trauma Void offer!!! :slight_smile:


One word = Hellhats

As surveys go that was a well planned one.

Whispers The horror. The horror.

Did see a bunch of youth at the NRBC wearing helmets this year.

OK, first, I am so sorry I never saw or responded to these comments. For some reason this doesn’t let me subscribe. I really want to thank everyone who took it from this group, because many many people did.
It is a legit survey :wink: And here are some legit, if preliminary, results:

Again, thanks so much to everyone who helped out!!!