ATV / UTV / Gator/ Golf Cart Farm Chores + Shows

Hoping to find something that can pull double duty of driving around show grounds and working on the farm. We need 4WD, the ability to tow a small dump trailer, and preferably a truck/ dump bed back. I had initially resigned to getting a gator for home and eventually, maybe a golf cart for shows but now I’m wondering if I can’t get away with a golf cart for both? It would be mostly used at home with occasional use at shows. Beer budget if at all possible. Any recommendations or thoughts?

We have both a gator and a golf cart here at home. I would say the golf cart has been fine for toting stuff and people around the farm, but that’s it. I can’t really tow much of anything and it has terrible suspension so driving it through fields is a little rough. If you really need a utility vehicle, look for a gator and then if you really need something at shows, rent it.

We have a gas powered golf cart EZGO ‘Workhorse’. Has a dump bed. They have several varieties of gas powered golf carts. Can do light duty towing and perfect for farm chores. Alot less noise then a true ATV. But not as strong in the towing department. But if all you have is a ‘beer budget’ there are lots of options out there.
We live in an area with lots of golf courses. So it was easy to find one around $3k

We have a gas powered golf cart with utility/truck bed. Bought used for a few hundred $ needing some minor mechanical tinkering.

My farm is small, flat and lacks mud. We haven’t had any issues with the golf cart not being able to do what we need it to do. Very handy for taking Mr LS and I plus tools and supplies out to do chores. I have a small dump cart that it pulls. Heavy jobs are completed with the tractor.

I’d dearly love a gator with a dump bed but my wallet says I need to be happy with my old golf cart.

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I love my gator, highly recommend :slight_smile:

I do not know what I’d do without my Gator. Really! I drag a chain harrow behind him (he’s a boy), take out hay, move mulch, load all of the tools I need- and the boards- for fixing fence, load brush and branches into him, and dump them. They are stupid expensive, IMHO. But, after you’ve had one, you KNOW that you need one!

I bought an 4x4 ATV last year and I love it. I have a dump cart for it as well as a tow-behind mower, a harrow and a plow. I have even used it to drag round bales from one field to the next and to move fallen trees. Downside is that it is only really built for one person, but a second person can squeeze on for a ride on even terrain. You can buy decent ones used but I’d take a mechanic with me for that because some people beat the heck out of them so you want to know what you’re getting into. I bought this after keeping horses for 10 years without anything similar and it has made life 1000 times easier. I do need the 4x4 in the winter and to drag heavy things.