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Augusta, Aiken, etc. Hunter trainer suggestions?

Hi Everyone! I am currently applying to physical therapy school, and I have the possibility of attending Georgia Regents University (formerly Medical College of Georgia), which is in Augusta, GA. I currently live in CA so I am totally unfamiliar with the area. From my research, I think I would probably live in Columbia county, but all of my classes would be in Augusta. The horse area in that region I have heard the most about is obviously Aiken, but I would definitely be open to other suggestions! Does anyone have any recommendations for trainers/barns within an hour’s drive of Augusta/Columbia county?

This is what I would love to have in a barn:

  • Hunter/equitation instruction (I am just not a jumper at heart! My mare is also a TOTAL hunter)
  • A show level barn, but no requirement to attend a certain # of shows per year (won’t be able to do a lot while in school, if any)
  • Full training options as I will probably only be able to ride about 2-3x a week with my intense schedule
  • I have a mare, so if you know of any trainers who have the mare feel, that is always helpful! :lol:

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

PS any general advice on moving to this area would also be soooo appreciated !

Sue Sisco just moved down to Aiken last year. I am not sure what her facilities are like. http://www.suesiscosunfield.com/Sunfield/Home.html

Daniel Geitner is in Aiken. http://www.dfgstables.net/

Stephanie von Bidder is in Aiken. http://www.stephanievonbidder.com/

John Abbot is also in Aiken. http://bridlewoodaiken.com/

Jack Towell is in Camden. www.finallyfarm.com

Daniel and Cathy Geitner.

John Abbot in Aiken.

Sharrer Dale and Ann Thal in Aiken

I am heading back to Aiken after 18 months away, so maybe I am not completely up to date … but isn’t Chrissy Serio based there now?

Daniel and Cathy Geitner.[/QUOTE]
I was just in Aiken last week, and they seemed to have lots of nice horses at the show there, and lots of success in the ring.

Lots of good trainers there, personally have known John Abbott for many years. Class act & all around nice guy

Chrissy didnt stay. If you end up in Augusta, Nicole Palazzo, otherwise in Aiken you have many great choices!

Daniel Geitner would be my top pick for what you are looking for.

Daniel Geitner

Any input on Stephanie Von Bidder? Her rates are appealing… If I need to I can bite the bullet and do $1500/month, but I’d love to be below $1350