Austin-area Hunter/Jumper barns for boarding, a lengthy list

Hi friends!

I posted here a bit back looking for H/J barns in the Austin, TX area. The comments I got were to “check further back” in this forum, but when I did, a lot of the threads were older, with out of date information.

So, since I’m type A and like having as much information as possible, I made a non-exhaustive, but lengthy, list of Austin-area barns for folks like me. Included in this list is the current website, city, board prices if they were readily available, and any notes that I’ve sourced from area horse folks and the forum itself.

I thought that I would share in case others were looking for a barn. Again, this is non-exhaustive and info listed in notes are made up of area opinions. I’ll do my best to keep it up to date!

Austin area barns


A thread of these would make a very useful pinned resource. Great idea!


that’s a great idea!

You lost me at using the F word in your first comment. Not very professional.

ahahaha fair enough, this was a personal list first just for myself; forgot to take that out when I shared! Edited it out.

What a great resource! I had a friend who rode with Nicki Mathens at Copper Hill when she lived in Austin, might be a useful addition.

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Thank you this! We just moved to the Austin area and my adult daughter is thinking about riding again. Did you research the lesson programs as well or just boarding?

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only boarding! but for lessons, i’ve heard switch willo is great (but waitlisted), and that white fences is not great for lessons

Thank you! She took some lessons at Monarch & enjoyed them but she’s moving to a new apartment, so Buda might be too far. Switch Willo would be closer but a shame they’re wait listed.

Rio Vista has a lesson program.

Please feel free to remove me, Trinity Hill Farm. I’m a private facility, no boarding. Austin Equestrian Center closed a couple of years ago, so you might want to remove that one as well.

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