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Australian saddles for TBs

My silly OTTB mare is finally getting to the point where trail rides sound like a blast in the fun way, and I’m considering breaking out my Aussie if it fits her properly (it used to fit my old TB gelding decently, haven’t tried it on her).

Just wondering if there’s anyone here who rides a TB in an Australian saddle, and how your horse likes it. Or just people who ride in Aussies in general, and how you like them for trail riding.

I ride an OTTB in a Bates Australian saddle and he likes it just fine. The Bates has an adjustable gullet and air-filled panels and I’ve used it successfully on TBs, QHs, and a Percheron cross by changing the gullets. I think the Aussies are close to ideal for general trail riding. The good ones have a balanced seat while having the depth and cantle design to make them comfortable for long rides. I think most horses who go well in an English saddle wouldn’t have much trouble adapting to an Aussie as the “footprint” on the horse’s back is similar. One of the things I like about the Aussies is that you still get a fairly close contact feel. Traditional Australian leathers are heavier than the English type but there’s no reason you can’t use English leathers if you prefer.

I used to ride a OTTB in a Aussie a used english leathers as I didn’t like the heavier 2 in. Aussie leathers. There are lots of different styles also Wintic has a outback saddle thats very much like a ebglish saddle with poleys. They come inlimited seat sizes. Its a good option and gives you the chance to change the gulet .