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Average price for a Weekly Lease at WEC OCALA?

Possibly going down to WEC Ocala and interested in possibly looking for a lease to do the 1m/1.10m AA jumpers. I don’t quite want to post an ISO on Facebook yet without understanding the possible cost involved in leasing a horse week to week— or even the likelihood of being able to find a horse like that.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

At WEF a week lease can run you anywhere from $1500 to about $10,000 depending on quality of the horse, what you plan to show in, if you need a stall included, if care/grooming is included, etc (some will only lease the horse while keeping it in their care at the show, in their barn, they do all the care/prep/grooming/tacking etc, some offer this as an option).

No personal experience at WEC but I imagine the range is similar.


I own this horse (although he’s currently on a longer-term lease at the moment), and a weekend show lease is $3,000 for up to 1.10m. Lessee is responsible for all care/grooming/training/stall/entries, etc.

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I leased a 3’ adult hunter/eq horse at WEC two years ago from a sales barn that continues to show there. I paid $1500 per week for the lease plus stall, care, and groom tips each week.

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That was the rate 2 years ago… and now it’s closer to $2000-2500 minimum. There may be sales barns that are willing to cut deals to get horses out there and showing with a record, but generally speaking, Tha_Ridge is closer to the going rate.