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Baby Beardie has arrived

My first lizard in decades has arrived. I love him already!


Oh I love him! What a nice color he has.

He is quite adorable.
Does he have a name yet?

Really pretty dude.
I’m still holding out for a snake but will have to wait until next year (not that long).

Reptiles rock!


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Nope… but he has a little personality. I thought he’d be terrified after a couple trucks, 2 planes, and a car ride in a box in a deli cup. He’s only 10 weeks and 36 1/2 grams, so a little skittish about being picked up but then he settled quickly. I wasn’t sure if he’d eat, but as soon as I started shaking his bugs to coat them in calcium he got excited. I put the cup in to show him, and was going to dump them into his bowl, but he crawled right into the cup I was holding and scarfed them down. Then he gave Lion King vibes…


He’s precious. Seems like a big personality for a tiny beardie.

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Congratulations on your new cutie!

I was not originally a reptile person but have become one via my daughter. She now has a huge 21" Beardie, a Blue Tongued Skink which will probably surpass the beardy in size (still growing), a cute little Leopard Gekko and and Crested Gekko who recently dropped his tail, much to the chagrin of my daughter, who has now dubbed him “Frogbutt.”

Good health to you and your new beardy!


He’s a handsome one. I love the pose. I’m glad he handled the traveling well.

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He’d like a word with the manager this morning.

@downen “Frogbutt” is hysterical… but yeah, I’ve seen those little tailless butts, and it does look like a frog.


He is in touch with his inner Karen. :rofl:

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I did not know reptiles could smile, but he looks like he is in that last picture.

What’s his name?

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Very handsome! I love these guys.

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I guess I’m the only one who thought Bearded Collie puppy! Very handsome.


I wasn’t sure if I’d see a collie or a lizard when I looked at this! He is very handsome and full of character.

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No name yet… but leaning towards Marty McFly at the moment. I bought him on 10/21 and that’s Back to the Future Day.

It was a compromise. :rofl: I’d have a dog if I thought my mom could handle it right now.