Baby green classes for a horse recently started over fences

I’m considering a schooling show on May 3rd, because my mare has been going wonderfully and I am hoping it will be a good experience for both her and me. We’ve recently started hopping over little crossrails, and she’s better in a ring by herself than she is while surrounded by other horses.

So my question is this: If my horse will reliably pop over little bitty crossrail courses by the end of the month, and the class allows you to trot them (it does), would it be a good idea to try for a first show? A couple of people have mentioned that they would be more comfortable taking their greenie over a small crossrail course in a ring by themselves than a class full of other horses - especially other green ones who might throw fits.


I say go for it. The more exposure your mare can get to the horseshoe atmosphere, the better. If possible, I suggest taking her to another show before that and just walk her around, let her graze, etc. , so she can hear and see the horse show hubbub.

The first time my horses go to a show, they just watch and maybe hack in schooling. But this is an OTTB, right? So more wordly. If you feel she’s ready, you can go and try. Worst thing that happens is you scratch if the schooling doesn’t feel good.

She is indeed an OTTB. And yes, the plan is to sign up for two classes and scratch if it feels smart to do so. They’re only $15 apiece so honestly, I’ll live if we don’t actually do anything at our first show. I’m thinking the baby green w/t and maaaybe the baby green crossrails if she’s more consistent by then.