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Baby it's cold outside!

Is there anyway to get a insulated bin or container of some sort to have in our barn:confused:?! We struggle all winter with keeping our liquids in there proper form (liquidy)! We have a bucket for our soaking beet pulp, but we need some type of closed bin that stays warm for out different sprays and such! Any things you’ve done or bought that could help me? Thanks! Keeping stuff at the house isn’t an option:no:

I just bring everything in the house. What do you need to keep out there?

Can you heat the tack room? Even just a space heater. When I lived up north we kept the tack room at a balmy 35F:)

Ive heard of people doing two things in a non heated setting:
getting a refrigerator and NOT plugging it in (big insulated box…) or using the refrigerator cold, and in many cases when it’s warmer in the fridge than it is outside, it doesn’t freeze… I’m not sure how or why…but I have seen it done when I lived in Illinois