Back on Track Hock Boots NO HOLES

I was curious about people’s thought’s on the back on track hock boots that do not have the holes in them. I currently own a pair of BOT hock boots with holes, however when my horse wears them for long periods of time (like overnight) they slide a bit and/or give her horrible rubs on the tops of her hocks. Curious if anyone else has had this problem and how they fixed it? She isa 16.3 Dutch Warmblood mare and I have a size large on her. My thoughts for the BOT hock boots with no holes were they appear (in the picture I saw online) to be much like the quick wraps and may not irritate my mare as much.

fwiw–I have hock boots with holes, but have never had any rubbing problems among the few horses who have worn them from time to time. BUT, I haven’t left them on overnight, either. I think you’re instructed to start out with 45 minutes and gradually increase the amount of time from that. If you did that before leaving them on overnight, I’d probably just give her a couple of loose-ish turns of vetwrap around the problem area before I put the boots on.

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I don’t know anything about the ones with no holes, but do you put standing wraps under them ? They shouldn’t slide if you have the leg wrapped.

I’ve had the rubbing and sliding problem, and eventually gave up with them overnight despite really liking them. My first pair I had no problems with but they eventually wore out and the straps stretched out badly. So i replaced them, and the way the seam sits in the new ones rubbed above the hocks. So I took some fabric and sewed it in over the seam to protect it, but the second pair just did not hold up well overall. The straps stretched out really quickly, and the boots started ripping as well.

I have the ones without holes, they actually are the same as what you have, but with basically a quilt liner, like a standing wrap. I haven’t had any problems with them sliding, but I don’t leave them on for extended periods of time, either.

I had the same boots and the same issue, rubbing the top of the hock. I tried varying the tightness of the straps (looser top, tighter bottom for example) but nothing worked. I was also leaving them on overnight.

I emailed BOT for suggestions and they totally ignored my question and never responded. The only thing I could find was on their website that said to wrap the legs then put the boots on (I think this was to prevent the hock boots from sliding down). This wasn’t practical as he was on co-op board so I gave up (then somebody stole the boots anyway, so didn’t have to worry about it any more!).