Back on track poll cap

Does anyone use one? A couple questions… 1) can you give me the measurements of the one you have - I can’t decide if I’ll need a cob or full and 2) when and why do you use it? Does it help?


The last time I used a poll guard when travelling a horse was in… 1984… 1985? I don’t think it was necessary even then.

I don’t think she’s talking about a horse helmet but this:

I have no experience with them but know people who do use them. One person swears they help

I think my response still stands! Oh, and I have a bridge for sale.


I use them on the lesson horses I ride.

These horses seem to like the poll cap but do not go on strike if we forget it.

I got the poll cap just in case the horses would like it. What I did not expect is the horses “mental messages” when I wondered if they liked it. I would get little movies in my head of the horse slamming back against the halter hard with the suggestion that they had a type of headache ever since. The BOT poll cap seems to help with this possible (hey, I have no proof) trauma, often from the time they were halter broke as foals.

The first few times I put it on a horse it could be a struggle with me teetering on tiptoe. Now the horses put up with my considerable clumsiness getting it onto their head and patiently wait until I get myself together and get it in the right place. At first, head slinging and being a giraffe, now they wait patiently and stay relaxed while I put it on.


can you measure one for me and tell me which size it is? thanks

super helpful, thank you…

The size of mine is marked as M-L.

Opened up so it is laying flat–
Front–there is some curve, sort of 16" straight across.
Back–understand it has quite a curve. Sort of straight across 19".
From the back of the cap to the front border (between the ears) 14.5"
The ear holes–biggest at the end of the velcro–ca. 19" around
smallest when the velcro overlaps completely–ca. 14"
The strings for tying under the jaw, each are around 25" long.

I got mine several years ago. Sometimes I forget to put it on and the horse seems mildly pissed off at me for forgetting it. My riding teacher did not know what to think of it at first but now she thoroughly approves of me using it, I think that the horses look a little bit more cheerful to her when they wear it.

The horses I’ve used it on ranged from 13.3 hands (British Riding Pony) to 15.3 hands (TB). I am pretty sure I could use it on a larger horse (up to 16.2) since the fabric stretches.

Awesome thank you!!

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I am with Willesdon, item is just a way to part you from your money. Not a real benefit to horse. If the seller can make you feel inadequate as an owner by not getting “the latest gadget”, then they have you.

My horses WANT a cool, uncovered head during work, often sweaty because they work hard!! And that is without a cap on. Flynet ear covers are required attire during work to prevent headshaking in summer heat, will be soaking wet and they don’t hold heat like fabric does.

I still do use the old-style leather and felt head bumpers when trailering. Where do horse heads go when trying to brace in a bad stop? UP as far as possible! My horses are tall, so an accidental hit on the roof is possible even in our tall trailer. Best to have top of heads padded for that “just in case moment.” Like wearing seatbelts, helmets, you put all of them on for every ride.

I consider this a “snake-oil miricle” sales pitch.

IF you expect the BOT poll cap to lead to a complete transformation of your horse, yes it is “snake oil”.

I did not expect miracles, I did not look for miracles. This left me free to notice the truly subtle improvement in the horse’s demeanor, the little relaxation when I put the poll cap on, and the subtly more “cheerful” attitude of the horse.

Both ladies at the stable where I ride also noticed these subtle improvements. If I forget the horse’s “hat” they tell me to put it on the horse instead of just shrugging it off like they did at first.