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Back on Track Quick Wraps vs. traditional no bows/leg wraps?

I’ve been debating getting a set of the BOT quick wraps for my gelding instead of using traditional wraps at shows and after our harder work outs. Does anyone have any experience with them? How does the velcro hold up? Do they work better (or worse) then traditional wraps with a poultice underneath?

Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

The velcro on the quick wraps is pretty strong and has lasted for my girl. I wouldn’t say the quick wraps are a replacement for traditional wraps though…they are pretty thick/squishy and go on sort of hrm…not loose but not taut against the skin either. I don’t really feel like they give the same support as a traditional wrap.

The BOT Quick Wraps are great for horses that just stock up behind. However, I wouldn’t put them on a horse rehabbing an injury, or needing support after working on hard footing because they don’t fight taught against the leg. I use BOT No Bows for that.

Thank you for the info, it sounds like their No Bows might be a better option for what I’m looking for!