Back Pain and Matresses

I have reoccurring back pain. My matress is old enough I need a new one. I currently have one on trial. While it seams fine, I am not sure if there is something better.

If you got a new matress and it made a difference, how did you know?

To give more details, I don’t wake up with back pain, fall asleep reasonable well, and I am sleeping through the night. The only improvement is that I feel like I am falling asleep quicker.

Thanks for the help!

When we bought new, because of pain (and time to replace), I found that I woke up less in pain during the night, and wasn’t as painful in the morning upon waking.

If you’re not waking in pain during the night, and aren’t in pain in the morning, perhaps your mattress isn’t a factor in your back pain?

Falling asleep quicker is a good sign!

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TempurPedic… love, love, love mine and helped, for me, with my back pain. Close to 10 years old and still going strong!

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I gave up on sleeping on a mattress and I sleep in a recliner. I would love to be able to sleep flat, but I do not want to blow $$ on mattresses.

I have a waterbed (go ahead and make fun of me!! LOL)…but seriously, there are no pressure points and it’s like sleeping on a moist heat pad all night! I’ve have one for about 30 years (okay, more than one!). The current one you wouldn’t even know is a waterbed…looks like a regular mattress. When I stay in a hotel…depending on the bed, I am so uncomfortable/in pain after the second or third night.

My old mattress was old when I inherited it.
When I moved, it had been in use decades and it needed replacing.
I bought a regular one in a furniture store, with a pillow top.
I tell you, that was 16 years ago and is heavenly still after all these years.
Thru surgeries and assorted health problems, that pillow top has been absolutely super for me and my back and assorted other body aches.
I have also converted friends to those, have another one in the guest room and all loved it.

I would suggest anyone needing a new mattress give those a try.
Here you can try them for at least 30 days and return them if they don’t please you.

I also have slept on a waterbed for decades, because of my back. The lack of pressure and the very adjustable temperature keep things feeling good. I fall asleep quickly and deeply and stay asleep until it’s time to get up. My back feels fine when I get up.

If I sleep on a regular mattress my back gradually feels worse. I toss and turn and wake up periodically. I stayed some months at my parent’s house for a family emergency and was ready to burn the guest bed mattress there by the time I left, my back felt so bad.

Best thing I ever did was buy a memory foam matress and put it on a flat board.

I recommend a foam mattress, and an adjustable bed. Some nights I sleep flat, some nights I slightly raise knees and head. Often I switch bed position in the middle of the night. I have benefited greatly.

Also love mine! Made a world of difference. More expensive but worth every dollar.

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I used to sleep on a waterbed and got tired of dealing with it (refills to keep it firm enough) and the challenges of putting and keeping sheets on (yes, I used sheets specific for waterbeds :slight_smile: ).

Then I went to a pricy mattress with a pillow top and thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread until the pillow top material started to break down and making a low spot.

My Tempur Pedic is close to 10 years old and I still have no detectable ‘low’ spot where the mattress foam has started to break down.

Many pillow/memory foam toppers have a shorter warranty than the Tempur Pedics do which is part of why I went the Tempur Pedic route.

We went Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort in 1999 and never looked back.

The late Mr. ChocoMare used to be in all kinds of back pain from our old mattress and snored like crazy. Within two nights of the Sleep Number, pain and snoring were gone.

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