Back pain between shoulders- injury or overuse

Well, I went to move the big water trough- flipped it sideways and scrubbed it out. I don’t remember having pain when I did it, but apparently I messed up my back somehow. Hopefully it’s just a muscle strain but I’m having pain between my shoulder blades in the middle of my back. Can’t lean over very well. I was concerned enough to call my doctor for an appointment, but they won’t even let me book anything.

Apparently since I was only seeing a specialist last year and didn’t see primary care, I’m considered a new patient and that’s a 4-6 week wait. And because my insurance automatically assigned me to a different primary care doctor, I’m not allowed to book an appointment. My former primary care doctor is not taking new patients anyway so I can’t see her even if I wanted to.

Any suggestions? I probably need to see a specialist anyway.

Our old quonset barn had big sliding doors, two 9’ x 14’ tall metal ones.
Even at their best and lightest, you had to shove and pull to get them moving.

After some work that we had to get in and out of there several times a day, I was having some serious pain between the shoulder blades, as you describe.
Yearly checkup was then, I mentioned to the Dr, he said he had plenty of patients with that pain from big sliding doors, that any kind of sliding door that has to be open and closed all the time could easily cause those types of overuse injuries.
Rest and Motrin/Advil for a few days, let it heal and was like new.
Now the barn has overhead doors and even our stall doors are swinging doors, way more ergonomic to live with those than sliders.

Do you think you may have used your arms sideways to pull and drag, etc. while moving that tank around?
That could have done it.
Back pain is really miserable. Hope you heal soon.


I’ve had tremendous success with various body parts being peeved by using a small, hard rubber ball and finding sore tissue and releasing it. Use my ball and shiatsu massager nearly every day. Especially my shoulders. Find as I get older they seem to be complaining more than other parts.

But was also my hips to where you go to get out of your vehicle and could hardly stand. Sure enough pressure and release and hips completely restored. No pain now.

Especially found value in this video starting several years ago and now root around looking for where it hurts, lay into it and roll it out. Works every time.

See if it might work for you?


You may be able to get into a physical therapist right away without a referral - under my insurance, I can get 30 days of treatment without a diagnosis.

Obviously NSAIDs and rest as well, but I’d see if you can get in to a PT.

Does the pain get worse if you move your neck?