Back Pain 😰

I had a lat-flap reconstruction done 6yrs ago.
The relocated muscle sometimes spasms - not often, but when it does :dizzy_face:
I am hoarding my last 6 pain pills for a horsey getaway (The National Drive) & last night the pain made an appearance.
NSAID didn’t touch it, but adding a muscle relaxer helped enough so I could sleep.

Today, for the first time, I tried a lidocaine/menthol patch & OhEmGee! Relief!
Hoping the advertised 12h works for me.

Anyone out there with any other OTC treatments for muscle/back pain?

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This may not be strong enough for you but I really love this stuff:

I keep one large tube at the barn and several large tubes around the house :smile:

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I may look for this stuff.
Applying a patch to one’s own back is tricky :roll_eyes:


I hope you feel better soon! Back pain is awful!

The stick on heat (themacare) patches work decent for spasms. You might be able to find some cheaper ones. I stick those to my clothes instead of my skin, the adhesive can be irritating. If you don’t have a heated seat for your car, get one. They aren’t expensive, under $50. I have mine going when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Thanks @3PonyFarm :kissing_heart:
@red_mares The adhesive doesn’t bother me & I think I need the direct contact with skin.
I’m using Walmarts patch now & will look for their version of a heat patch.
My new(er) SUV has heated seats :grin:

It’s been about 10hrs & I feel a twinge now & then & will apply a new patch for overnight.
If I don’t get freedom from all pain by tomorrow, I’ll see if my GP can fit me in & hopefully refill the pain pills script.