Bad Experience for First Time Starter at Ellis Park

Poor little two year old filly going to the post in her first start:

It says she was caught at the Evansville Water Dept. If that is the same as the Evansville Water Sewer Dept., she covered about 6 miles. (I google-mapped it.)

Edit: More details about where she was caught in Paulick Report–she may have only run about 3 miles. Still…

I was just reading the same story on another site. I went and checked Google Maps, too! Poor girl. A few years ago one darted out the gates at Laurel Park and got loose on route 1, but I don’t think that horse got nearly as far from the track as this filly. Thank goodness it was no worse than it was.


Yikes! Glad she seems to be okay.

I do think the best part is her name - naming a mare “Bold and Bossy” is kind of asking for trouble. :laughing:

Holy smokes! And she had blinkers on! So scary!

And this morning, the receiving barn at Ellis Park burned to the ground. Luckily no horses were injured. Workers in other barns were able to get them all out in time.

(1) Ray Paulick on Twitter: “Receiving barn fire at Ellis Park this morning. According to trainer Ron Moquett, whose barn foreman took video. all horses were removed safely. Training and racing cancelled today, per Moquett.” / Twitter

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What an awful 24 hours. The video of the fire is the stuff of nightmares.


And Bold and Bossy, the filly who was running down the highway yesterday, was in the receiving barn that burned! That filly must be thinking that a career as a racehorse really stinks!

From Bloodhorse:

"Bold and Bossy, trained by Michael Ann Ewing, was among the horses in the receiving barn Sunday morning when the structure caught fire. A day earlier, the decision was made with Ewing’s own vet, Dr. Joe Morgan, to keep her at Ellis overnight to reduce the added stress of being transported back to Ewing’s base at The Thoroughbred Center in Lexington. After transporting the filly by equine ambulance to the receiving barn at Ellis Park, the state veterinarian gave her fluids to help combat dehydration. Ewing’s assistant Kelsey Wallace stayed overnight to check on the filly and continue delivering fluids.

“This morning, we got a call from our vet (Dr. Morgan): ‘The receiving barn was burning down. We know someone got your filly out, but we can’t find her,’” Ewing said Sunday. “We found out she was in Eddie Kenneally’s barn. It was very dark this morning to see, but the filly is burned over her neck, shoulders, withers, and back.”

Ewing met Wallace and the filly at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington Sunday at about 10 a.m. ET to continue assessing Bold and Bossy’s condition. The filly is being kept in an air-conditioned stall and receiving fluids as blood work is run under the care of Dr. Kate Christie. A full recovery is expected, and Bold and Bossy will receive plenty of time off to recuperate."


Wow, that poor girl has had a rough couple of days.

OMG that poor filly. What a day. I half wondered if she was in the receiving barn but thought “nah, she was a ship in and surely went home.”

And they tried to do the right thing by not shipping her home. Wanted to avoid the trip and monitor her. No good deed goes unpunished.

Her peeps seem very classy–tried their best to care for her, sent her to Rood and Riddle.


sending healing thoughts to the filly. I saw the video on Social Media last night. She was cantering down the highway but was not frantic; thank God, and all of the drivers around pulled over and were alert to what was going on (amazing in this day in age)

Scary weekend for Ellis but glad all horses are safe and in great hands.

I’d find her another career if she does fully recover. Why press your luck? :wink:


Have you seen the video of her running out of steam and dropping to a trot along the side of the divided highway? Believe it was filmed by a police officer who followed and eventually caught her.

Anyway, when she dropped to a trot…ouch. Right front. Any updates on her since?


She was said to have had a bad heel grab, so maybe that was the source of her lameness.

I have not seen any updates since she went to Rood and Riddle.

Found this:

Guess she is doing OK.


No link, I saw it on the local news in Orlando, presented as cop catches horse, officer was interviewed about rendering aid as a first responder to whoever needed it. Should be around somewhere.

Heel grab makes sense, those hurt and the gimp was pretty pronounced but not mentioned, narration just said she was ‘fine”.


Looks like the filly is in good hands:


Thanks for sharing! Go figure she was the only one burned in the fire. She has good people.

I hope her connections bought those grooms a good dinner or some great beer. :smile: