Badminton cancelled

This is such an interesting time. Aside from the obvious disappointment to riders and spectators… this could mean many riders at 5* go almost 2 years without riding at that level.

I will be following the events in the future with interest to see if the riders show any rust or if the more time at home actually improves the riding.

Leaves the Olympic question hanging for sure too. Will they happen?


At least Europeans had the opportunity to run at Pau last year.

I am once again embarrassed at the comments on the EN article about this cancellation - people sound so entitled and frankly uneducated. The lockdowns and virus restrictions in the UK are not the same as they are in the US.

I’m certainly sad to not see Badminton run this year - I absolutely love the dressage commentary with Pammie and Peter.


And asking why Disney is open but not Badminton :joy:

No offence to the Americans but the US doesn’t take COVID even a smidge as seriously as other countries are.


Are the European riders going to react like the American riders?


I might be misinterpreting your comment, but I don’t think they can really do anything.

Kentucky was cancelled due to lack of funds and US riders thought they could generate enough funds to run without spectators. Badminton is cancelled due explicitly due to concerns that the event could not run safely with the current covid situation, even without spectators.

The cancellation reason is far more outside the riders’ control in the UK.


Very sad, but not surprising. I wonder if some will re-route to Kentucky?

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I’m thinking they will try. Seems a bit crazy they can’t compete at home but can fly to the US to compete.

What I want to know is how the huge EVH breakout in Europe is going to be handled with horses coming over.


That is an interesting question. Covid throws a huge spanner in travel plans. There is a special “elite sports person” regime in the UK which allows slightly easier travel for top level competitors, with fewer restrictions than the average punter faces, and that allowed some travel to the Spanish and Portuguese Sunshine Tours. Racing trainers have, in effect, been running one staff at home and another in Ireland or France if they want to run horses internationally. It isn’t as simple as purchasing a ticket and hopping on a plane these days. I suspect most eventers will wait until the home season starts and then (post brexit chaos permitting) go to Europe for upper level events. However, I could well be wrong!

I agree @luckycricket123, from a dressage rider standpoint, Badminton’s Pam & Peter show is the highlight of my year. And I must confess watching the cross-country is the most exciting sports event I see, bar none (except for Burghley, perhaps), also with my favorite commentators.

But the UK has a serious problem with its own, new super-contagious coronavirus strain, as well as a new one within its borders that recently surfaced from Brazil. I’m glad they are taking it seriously, and erring on the side of caution if conditions aren’t safe.


I had to sit on my hands with the Disney comment LOL!! The difference is that the UK is trying to avoid the spread where the US doesn’t seem to care, the US has been running the same since this all started.


It looks like the EHV outbreak is going to prevent travel and competition in mainland Europe for at least the whole of March which seems like it will have a huge impact.


Yes just saw all the FEI events are cancelled and now the Federation in France has banned all horse training and shows.

What a wild time to be alive :neutral_face:

I know some UK based eventers went to Spain for the winter, so now will they be stuck there or have to go home and potentially infect their horses there if they were exposed? I can’t imagine how stressful this must be for everyone.


As an American, I’m embarrassed by Americans. Half the country doesn’t take the virus seriously at all. Then screams about things not being back to normal already. I’m so over it.


The virus is now in Ocala. Will FEI react and close all comps in Florida!???

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Wouldn’t it depend on which strain it is, as EVH is endemic? Which is why sensible precautions should be taken when buying, travelling and competing horses. Will anything be done in Florida? Doubt it, if previous disease outbreaks have been anything to go by.

the virus has been in the USA. It’s not new. We do occasionally get EHV outbreaks here in the us, they are usually quickly contained. I don’t see the need to shut down all horse competition and travel quite yet, that’s a bit much. The USEF states the horse has no link to the outbreak in Europe and it doesn’t state which version of EHV it was.

Here’s a helpful map with disease outbreaks.


If it’s the neuro form, it’s serious. They already have instances in Canada and Europe that are more deadly and happen faster than normal for this variant.

Why risk it? Have you see what’s happening in Europe and the barns in Ontario?

But by all means everyone carry on thinking showing is more important.


Curious to see what happens with the circuit in Florida with the confirmed case. Will the Canadians come home? That’s a risk in itself.

If FEI gets involved they won’t allow it.

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