Badminton x-country replay - any idea when it will be up?

I just checked the website and it said “off air” (I watched about 10 rides this morning before leaving for work), so I am assuming the replay will be up at some point - but I’m trying to avoid reading updates on the Badminton thread because spoilers…


Also wanting to know! I haven’t seen anything yet. Can’t wait to watch.

I don’t think cross country replay will be up until Monday. I’ll check again.

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Oh drat :disappointed_relieved::disappointed:

It’s unclear. Don’t give up hope.

Thanks! :crossed_fingers:

Upon further reading it says “soon after”, so pay no attention to me. :roll_eyes:


So I guess we just have to wait and see? :woman_shrugging:

Yes. What I read first was “full coverage of the Event will be available Monday” which includes the show jumping. Then I read “you will also be able to re-play each session soon after …”

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Let’s hope so! Of course my daughter is coming over to watch the Derby with us and spend some time with me for Mother’s Day, so since she is not horsey – I won’t be able to watch the replay tonight.


You have your revenge. From the wording of your post I thought today was Mother’s day and I had forgotten! :rofl:

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Well, she is coming over tonight and spending the night because I am hauling out to do a schooling tomorrow, and my husband is coming along to help set jumps - I will be teaching a student there as well so we’ll will be gone most of the day and DD is going to watch our dogs until we get back. That’s my Mother’s Day present, and I am grateful for it! :wink::heart:



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Dressage replays were available same day, I’m thinking the CC would be as well? Though it’s getting quite late local-time…

Badminton FB page have posted that they’re being processed and should be up this evening (uk time)

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What a wonderful day of cross country and we hope you have all enjoyed watching either here at Badminton or from home.

We have had 6 hours of cross country action today and our team will now be preparing the replay which will be available to watch on Badminton TV later tonight.

We assure you we will do this as quickly as we can.


Thank you so much! :pray:

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Will Badminton eventually upload the footage onto YouTube, or will it just be available to subscribers? I think on its social media, it said for subscribers all should be available by the end of Monday.

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No, Badminton tv only. Subscribers will have access to all content for a full year.

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