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Baffert Defamation Case

That’s sort of an interesting defense they’re trying out. “We can’t make him look any worse!!”

What a poorly reported and written article. At first I couldn’t figure out who was suing who. That isn’t clarified until para #4, below the first advertisement.

And exactly what actions is Baffert claiming they did, and how was he damaged to his requested $75k to make up for it? That’s murky, too.

The alleged extortion and defamation took the form of repeated social media postings.

Among them, according to Baffert’s complaint, were postings written by Wunderler asking “his followers to bring dangerous objects to hurl at Baffert and his family” at the 2023 GI Belmont S., and another in which Wunderler posted “a picture of Baffert’s house in California.”

That’s not extortion or defamation but another kind of conduct.

As Baffert’s complaint put it, “This lawsuit is the response to a series of escalating threats and criminal conduct by Defendants Justin Wunderler and Daniel DiCorcia against Plaintiffs Bob Baffert and his family. Over the past several months, Defendants have urged others to engage in violent behavior toward Baffert and his family, baselessly accused Baffert of criminal conduct, and attempted to extort Baffert and his family under threats to his business, reputation, and occupational license.”

What were the threats? What was the criminal conduct? Apparently the so-called ‘reporter’ did no reporting to find out exactly what the extortion consisted of, how much was demanded and under what conditions, etc. & so on. Did they even read the full case file?

The travails of Bob Baffert. On it goes.

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