Baffert Gets Off Drug Violations (Again)

We should start calling him “Teflon Bob”.


I rolled my eyes at Baffert’s attempt to explain why it couldn’t have been intentional - that Nadal won the other division of the Arkansas Derby and tested clean.

Well duh, Bob. You mean to tell me that there are trainers who dope the entire shedrow when one horse takes a funny step, just as a precaution? That’s your defense?

I guess it was good enough for the state board.

When I read it, I simply thought that they didn’t want to get into a shtstorm with Baffert and his attorney. They held their ground on the tests, and rolled over on the money, placing, and suspension.

And, I also thought about that Teflon…he has about run out of that excuse. He had better find better drugs, or better excuses. Or, best of all, simply do it right.

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appropriate photo for the story headline. Smiling coyly at the camera because he’s untouchable and he knows it. zero accountability or enforcement of the rules; nothing to see here.

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