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Bagby basket for cervical arthritis?

Hi! I’ve posted in here before about my 10 y/o OTTB who was diagnosed with cervical arthritis stemming from what we thought was a neck injury. We’ve done US guided injections which have helped with his pain and range of motion.

I sent his X-rays to Dr Reed at Rood and Riddle for his opinion and recommendation for how to address. He suggested basket surgery to shrink the articular process and prevent any spinal cord compression.

Curious if anyone has had any experience with this procedure? Understanding the layup and rehab are quite extensive, but he is young and we have time <3

Dr. Reed preformed that surgery on my SF yearling 19 years ago. She is now retired at 21. I went on to show her in the adult hunters from Florida to Kentucky and she was fine. I was actually surprised at how quickly she recovered from her surgery. I can’t remember how long she was on stall rest until I was able to turn her out. My mare as a good patient and I’m so thankful I decided to do the surgery.


Thank you!

While I’m not doubting the vet at R&R, and have no idea how the horse’s symptoms are graded, I would be inclined to get a 2nd opinion. Specifically I would focus developing as much info as possible to determine realistic improvement expectations.

Not done it personally but, based on observations with other people’s horses I wouldn’t be likely to do it. None of the horses came back to what they were before. One had a horrific recovery and was on the verge of being euthanized during it. He recovered and was at the point of jumping low fences when he slipped in the paddock, torqued his neck, and was euthanized. That horse had either two or three baskets.

To be fair the horses I know about had the surgery eight or more years ago and the prognosis may be better now, especially if it’s diagnosed at an earlier point.

My understanding is that you get an improvement of up to one on the neuro scale.

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OP, did you end up doing the surgery?
My mare was diagnosed with C6 and C7 OA last year, and this spring with neuro at grade 1/2. I’m very interested to hear more from ppl who have done the surgery. I understand it’s often only 1 grade improvement but that could be worth it as long as that improvement was for multiple years. My mare is only 13.
Anyone know what the cost is for surgery?

Hi Corky:

Yes, I did the surgery on my now 11 y/o gelding in March of 22 at Rood and Riddle. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

Presurgey CT/myleogram was ~$3,500 USD
surgery - one basket at c6/7 was ~$6,000 USD

Horse can only trailer for 45 min post-op so if you are further away from a surgical facility they will need to go to a layup barn for 4-6 weeks until ok to trail further. This is an extra cost to consider. My horse stayed almost 4 weeks at a barn recommended by Rood and Riddle. X-rays are taken again 30 days post op to ensure proper basket placement and that it’s settling well and then can go home.

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