Balanced Ride Trailers to Australia

I have searched the forums, read the reviews and think this is a trailer that would work quite well for me! Problem is, I am in Australia and would need to import it, which is a pain but certainly do-able.

I’ve looked at the website, watched the videos, and wonder if anyone who has one would be willing to take a few photos and email them to me? I can’t work out how much room there is to make the turn from the side ramp into the first stall? I’m guessing I could move the divider over when loading horse #1 so he can move over once in?

I would love any and all comments and reviews because I am basically going to be doing this without having seen the trailer. I’m very annoyed with myself as I was in FL visiting family just a few months ago but wasn’t aware of this particular trailer.

Thanks so much!

Some good videos here that might help.

I’ve never seen one of these trailers, but looks nice in the videos.

there appear to be many flaming hoops to jump through to make a US trailer compatible to Australian standards… it may be easier/less expensive to inquire direct to Balance Rider about a licencing agreement to have an Australian company built to the Balance Ride design

looking into the technical requirements, specifically electrical …the pin assignments of the electrical harness connector plug is completely different between the two countries

Australian plugs requirements

US standard connections


And with the left hand drive, one might want to reverse the loading ramp and dressing room doors.

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Would it be easier to look at European designs? I don’t know about wiring but they do reverse ride very commonly and would be set up for left side driving.


@grinanride / Risa is a huge help and super easy to communicate with. Just ask her!

Also, re: the room to get in, the middle divider not only moves over, but telescopes. So horse walks up ramp and into their position, then you slide the divider over and telescope it so it locks into a holder on the back wall. Super easy. Horses love my Balanced Ride and it’s certainly a conversation starter wherever I go.

All the rear facing trailers I’ve seen (including my own EquiTrek) have the ramp on the right so you’re leading the horse in from its left side and you’re in a safer position Vs stuck between the horse and trailer wall. If you move the ramp to the left you either have to lead from the horse’s right side or get put in a bad spot.

I agree that you should contact Risa. If I remember correctly, I recently saw on FB, Hawk (who makes Balanced Ride) shipping a pallet of horse trailers to Australia. They can customize at the factory any changes you might need. I have a GN Balanced Ride that I absolutely love and more importantly, my horses travel great in it.

RIsa is great to work with. The amount of room does depend on the model. The sport the wall between horse area and tack are is the back of the horse’s stall (with tail guard). the XL It’s longer and in the tag that wall is slanted to give more room to the horse near the ramp. My daughter hauls her warmbloods with this configuration without any problem.
I’ve got a gooseneck slant on order with the folding panels behind the stalls there is 5’6" between stall and the tack room wall more that enough room.

Thanks so much for all the great ideas and information. I did remember that the pin connection issues but that must be easily worked out because so many US trailers are imported here. I’ll just need to chase that up!

The bigger issue is probably going to be the cost of shipping a container of anything right now!

I have heard back from Risa and she seems lovely. There’s a long wait to get one built, so I have time to research and hope the shipping issues worldwide get resolved soon!