Bar Bar A waterer and grazing muzzle?

We have Bar Bar A watering systems and one horse that is a very easy keeper. Do any of you have these waterers and use a grazing muzzle on a horse? I took a grazing muzzle to the waterer and it does fit though is snug. And if I tried real real hard I could get a seam on the muzzle to hang on to the metal that overhangs the paddle on the waterer. Changing out my waters is not an option of course. So who has tried it? I hate the thought of putting him in his own sacrifice lot when he could be out with the herd but maybe that’s my only option…

Not changing out your waterers but any chance of adding a simple trough type waterer for the months that this horse will be wearing a muzzle?

We actually do have a heated bowl type waterer by the barn where it was easy to install electric so it’s not that he won’t always have access to a different water source. I’m more worried I can’t stop him from trying to use the Bar Bar A and what if the muzzle gets caught. I’ll have to look at the muzzle, see if it is on a break-a-way strap. Surely it is. If not I could buy just the basket type and put it on a break-a-way halter. But would the waterer get damaged in the process? Ugh. I did contact the company, they said they will be designing a grazing muzzle to use with the waterer, but have not done it yet. I just told them to hurry up :slight_smile: