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Barefoot trimmers/farriers with experience with navicular in Illinois

I’m in rather desperate need of a new farrier, one with more than a little experience working with barefoot navicular horses. We’ve gone the shoe route two times previous with limited success, and have been barefoot for the last two years with improvement until roughly two months ago. Recent MRI revealed severe and extensive deep digital flexor tendon damage, but I’ve been up to my eyeballs in research the last few days and keep finding glimmers of hope. I get the impression that our current trimmer doesn’t feel quite confident in his ability in this situation, and I wouldn’t say I’m thrilled with what he has suggested using going forward. The internet so far has not proven helpful in the hunt - we’re near St Louis and every time I see a claim that someone has worked with navicular horses in the past, it’s followed with ‘serving the Northern Illinois and Iowa area’ and I want to throttle something. I’m going to start calling everyone up after the weekend, but I’m hopeful someone here may know of one. If not in our area, anywhere will do if they’re willing to travel, at least to get her started.

On the same note, has anyone ever heard of a place or person who does rehab with these kind of horses like Rockley Farm in the UK? I think I’ve spent a couple days on their blog and keep wishing I lived over there, because I really think if anyone can help, they can.


I’m PM’ing you.

Loren Lamar (Jr or Sr) may be able to help depending on exactly where you are - if not, I’m sure Sr would be able to offer some suggestions for farriers closer to you.

If you’re wanting to stick to the natural trimmer route, you may want to try contacting Ida Hammer. Same thing, she may not travel your way - but it doesn’t hurt to ask and she may know someone who does. She teaches natural trimming so I’d bet she has a former student who will be in your area.