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Barge-width Jump Saddles...Do they exist?

And the search begins… AGAIN.

I am looking for a new saddle for my chestnut barge with huge shoulders. The saddle that I have now is a Farrington that I had shipped in from the UK. I thought I had found the perfect saddle. I rode in it for a year and a half, but recently got to watch videos of myself riding, and low and behold, it just isn’t “the one.” It fits the pony-barge like a glove, but for me, the flaps are not forward enough and I frequently seem to get stuck. In other words, I feel like there is too much saddle under me, and I never can find my sweet spot or quickly get up and out of the seat.

I’m looking for an XXW jump saddle with a hoop tree, wide channel, and flat pannels. I’ve looked at County Innovation and Black Country Quantum X saddles. Neither are quite wide enough. The Farrington hoop tree saddle that I currently have is 7.25" between the panels and 11" dot-to-dot. I’ve yet to find a jump saddle that fits those criteria. Maybe I should just find a horse to match the saddle next time?.. Jk. I love my horse and will ride bareback if I have to.

Anyway, Duett has a jump saddle that would fit him if I got the 38 or 40cm; however, I’m not necessarily thrilled with the quality of them, so it would be more of a last resort option.

Any suggestions on where I can find this unicorn of a saddle? Does it exist?

TLDR: ISO an XXW jump saddle with flat panels and a hoop tree. Does it exist? Already tried BC Quantum X & County Innovation.

I went with Duett. I had mine reflocked, as although the flocking is good quality, it is packed quite tightly/hard. It took a bit more work/conditioning to get the leather to the state I wanted, but t is wearing well. Their models vary quite a bit. I liked the Allegro the best for me, but my current one is a Presto. The flaps are just more forward than I prefer.

Lovatt & Rickets/Arabian Saddle Co. makes an XW hoop tree. I’ve heard their saddles fit very wide.

There is a serious lack of very wide tree, forward flap jump saddles on the market–especially in the higher end range. Send tracings to Smith Worthington along with pictures of you in your current saddle. They have a couple of models with very forward flaps, but I’m not sure if all trees come in all saddles. Expect a durable, well-made saddle, but you’ll take a serious hit on resale.

Another mid-ish-range to look at is Thornhill. The Germania is pretty forward flapped.

Prestige can do a tree up to 38cm (XXXWide), but that’ll be fully custom so you should be able to get just about anything you want then–but I wouldn’t consider their trees to be hoop shaped though.

I have a wide hoop tree Adam Ellis saddle. I bought it used for under 2K but I do think you can get them new for a bit more than that. I’m pretty sure they will make it basically custom to your specifications.

Have you looked at Baines saddles?

I’m going to try a Wow saddle for my only slightly narrower than a barge guy this fall. They have headplates that go super wide. I have super short legs so I’m hoping that their carved out thigh area in the twist lets me sit around my horse better.

Balance saddles are specifically designed as wide saddles. Most are made by Baines, but are done to Balance specifications.

Jeffries has one called the XP. Lots more companies do GP rather than jump saddles for the super-wide, but they can be customized with more forward flaps to make them look and ride more like jump saddles. What size was the Quantum you tried? They come in up to XXW.