Barisone Safe Sport Update

According to Nancy Jaffer’s latest article, this is an unprecedented situation for Safe Sport.


This is such great news and hopefully the results will lift the suspension on Michael. There are dressage riders all over the East Coast anxious to attend or invite him to give clinics at their facilities. Super news!


Hopefully, this will be an educational experience for SafeSport and the members involved.

Everything about what happened in the Barisone case is eye opening!

If I were a dressage rider, I would have no issues either training with him or attending his clinics!


Has his next hearing date been announced?

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I have not seen a date mentioned anywhere yet.

Also, according to an update on Facebook, he is now able to get cards as well as letters at the following address:



I believe that getting the suspension lifted would go a long way to help him to heal and move forward with his life. I hope it is lifted soon.


He shot a client. Based on the information put forth at the criminal trial, both he and LK should be permanently banned from USEF competition. They’ve both proven they can’t handle life as normal people: LK doesn’t have the slightest clue how to be respectful of others and MB thinks he can shoot people who don’t have the slightest clue how to be respectful of others.


Where did you see Michael make any such statement that he thought he could shoot someone?


Can we just stop with this nonsense? He shot her. No one on his side ever denied that he shot her. Because he did. Michael Barisone shot Lauren Kanarek. The jury agreed that he shot her, and they agreed that he did not shoot at RG. These are facts. Stop denying them.


i think that was somebody else…5th avenue etc…


Why does everyone have to be an MB supporter to not be treated like an enemy here? You call me a troll and accuse me of trying to shut down a thread simply because I think MB is wrong for shooting a client?


Please stop. No one proved anything because there were no forensic tests performed. We’ve been over this for years. All we and the jury had to go by was the impeached testimony of two known liars. So, can we please stop with this narrative and move on? Can we please agree no one will ever know for sure exactly what happened?


Let’s try this one more time- where have you ever seen Michael Barisone state he thought he could shoot someone?

It really is not that difficult of a question.


Please. STOP. You don’t know any more than anyone else knows what happened August 7, 2019 at approximately 1:45 PM. Please just move on. Let it go. The jury decided and in the eyes of the law, and probably USEF, that’s enough.


No. The jury made their decision clear based on the testimony they heard. If they thought that MB did NOT shoot LK, they would have found him not guilty on that charge, just like they did for the attempted murder charge for RG. That you people actually think the verdicts for the charges for LK are equivalent to the verdicts for the charges for RG is absurd. If the jury had found that he didn’t shoot LK, he would be free right now and not in a mental hospital awaiting evaluation on his current mental state because he SHOT SOMEONE and a jury agreed that he did that and he needs serious mental health help. Literally the only people who don’t understand that MB shot LK are about ten people here on the COTH forums. Please do your best to join the rest of us here in reality. My god this is absurd.


Okay…you believe what you want. Should all restrictions be lifted from Barisone by USEF, you don’t have to clinic or train with him, okay. NOW may we move on?


I’m gonna be sorry, but

Yes, by God this IS absurd. No one knows exactly how LK was shot…was it a cold blooded, calm shooting as RG and LK say with lots of questions about phones and who was where, or was it during a struggle with a dog and LK/RG? No one will ever know.

Why must this old argument continue? :unamused: If you have something to discuss other than your tired mantra, please do so.


Has any member of the jury spoken publicly?

I said it before. I was on a murder trial in 2018. Based on the testimony I heard, and I admittedly did not watch every moment, I would not in good conscious have been unable to find him other than not guilty. If I were on this jury, it would have hung. I wonder if NGRI was a compromise to avoid just that.

Too many gray area on evidence (lack thereof). No, to me, conclusive evidence that there wasn’t a struggle. No conclusive evidence who’s finger was on the trigger. Totally incompetent crime scene analysis and evidence processing.

But, as EB said, we’ll never know for sure exactly what went down.


On this I completely agree with you and is a partial reason I suspect there was some sort of altercation causing the gun to be fired.


Some violations of the SS code are adjudicated by SS and less serious ones, like bullying, are adjudicated by USEF. The SS suspension list states that this temporary suspension is due to an investigation that is being adjudicated by SS and therefore refers to an investigation of the shooting.

When the investigation is complete, any sanctions will be determined by SS, not USEF.