Barn apartment builder in NY (Hudson Valley)

We are in the process of buying property in NY (Dutchess County) and looking for suggestions for a builder. We are looking to build a 6-stall barn with tack/feed/wash stall and an apartment above. Coming from the mid-Atlantic area there are a ton of Amish builders I know down here, but no idea who to contact for a build in NY! Any recommendations would be very much appreciated!

One possible option, if you are building from a timber style kit, Barnpros sells those and have contacts with builders that put theirs up all over the US:

May want to contact them for references, or such other national building companies.

I would suggest going to the town building inspector/zoning department (where ever you are getting your permits in that town) and ask who they recommend.

I know when we got our permits for the barn (and even the house), they very much had an opinion about the builder we were using (positive in both cases) (that they expressed with out us asking for it).

trubandloki, thanks for the advice! We checked with the zoning department and they didn’t have any preferences as to builders, so that was lucky. They wanted to see the drawings, but said if we had a NY certified builder that had followed the NYS code, we wouldn’t have an issue.

Bluey, appreciate the suggestion! I did check with Barn Pros on pricing, but didn’t think about asking them for references of any local companies. Great idea!

If you are in Northeastern Dutchess County, I highly recommend Overmountain Builders in Millerton NY. He brings projects in on time and on budget and does very high quality work. As a result, he’s booked way out, but he’s worth the wait.