Barn Cameras

Any one able to recommend a wireless (battery operated) system that can run off of a hotspot?

I’ve been looking at Wyze but am not sure if a hotspot will work (want to avoid paying for internet in the barn if possible). I would be using for several purposes: pregnant mare watch later on, checking in on the new to me farm sitter, checking on my problematic horse when she is colicky/ etc, and general security as we had a strange encounter of someone driving onto the property looking for someone we have never heard of / doesn’t live near us (and you don’t “accidentally” drive onto our property - we have one access point and it is a hella of a steep and rough drive). I’m looking at up to 4-5 cameras (both inside and out) but am happy to start off with 1-2 to see if I like the system.

I got a Costco deal on Eufy Solo cameras with solar panels. The deal was good enough that I didn’t really shop around, but I’ve been happy with them. I eventually was able to finagle a Wifi extender but before I got that figured out they ran fine on a hotspot. Can see on your phone, remotely sound an alarm or talk, have a million settings to play with, pretty good night vision. I had one camera that was kind of a dud (battery issues) and their customer service was excellent.

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We have Eufy cams also. They are fantastic and very easy to set up.
Ours have a base etc but the newer solo ones mentioned above don’t so we may get a couple of those too.
Cant recommend them highly enough


Running anything on a hotspot is going to be dependent on whatever bandwidth you’re pulling on it. 5G should work pretty well. 4G should be okay. Anything less is going to be pretty questionable. You’ll also want an unlimited data plan. Multiple hotspots are going to get pretty spendy pretty quickly.

It might be cheaper/easier to just use a mesh network system to extend your home wifi over a wider range. Then run your cameras off solar & WiFi. I’ve done that with orbi, and it’s worked very well.

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@Simkie Have you had any slow down in using the wifi in the house after extending the network? There are 2 people working from home and multiple other wifi connected devices that get near constant use (Alexa, smart TVs/ Firesticks, all of the cell phones). My biggest concern with using an extender is slowing down the collective speed and not causing issues with our WFH requirements/ set ups.

Eufy seem popular! They have quite a few models in the “solo” line for outdoor use which are wireless, and each model has varying reviews (some are in the 4.5-5 star some are closer to 3.5). Which models do you have?

Mine are the SoloCam E40 (but again, I didn’t really shop around).

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I have no experience with extenders or cameras working off of hotspots, but as a person who managed remote workers for the last two years, bandwidth is a major issue. Who else in the house is “using” bandwidth. Where you are with regards to the infrastructure (end of line? Yikes!)… there is a lot to consider there that most people don’t until it becomes a problem.

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@kaya842 a bridge network like Orbi is different than an extender. No, no issues with slow down, and I have just a stupid number of connected devices. I use Arlo cams.

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I believe all of the (major?) carriers have plans to turn off 3G in the near future, so any mobile hotspot put it in now should be 4G or above.

That doesn’t mean that there’s 4G coverage over every scrap of the US. Rural areas in particular–like where a barn might be built–are particularly underserved. Just because they’re selling you a hotspot doesn’t mean it’s going to work everywhere.

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We use Blink cameras…they’ve worked great. Just get the outdoor versions, so they hold up to the barn conditions and have the night vision. But we have wifi to the barn…but I would think they would work off a hotspot (but you may want to check).

We have 2 people who work from home, a kid who has devices and use an extender. I use RING and it works fantastic.

Do these record to anything or are they live view only?

You can set them to record in a variety of configurations. Mine are set to record for 10-20 seconds if motion is detected, plus if you get a motion alert and start to live view it you can choose to manually record as you view.

I am looking at Arlo cams for my pasture. I tried to find a phone number so I could discuss my needs with a real person and I kept hitting dead ends. Even the numbers I found had no options to speak to a human. Have you had to contact them? Are they user friendly? I’m not feeling real confident about a company I can’t get in touch with.
***I tried to chat but couldn’t make the agent understand my needs.

No, I’ve never tried to contact them.

If you’re looking for support from a real person, you’re probably better off finding someone locally who installs security cameras, and discussing your needs with them.

Or joining a forum focused on security, and asking there.

That’s a great idea. Thanks.

Bought an Eufy solo with solar. It is awesome. Thanks for the suggestion. Plan to add another if I can get a wifi extender as I need just a bit more coverage in the barn.


I did online chat when some of my cameras acted up, he was…moderately helpful? He basically reset the problem children remotely, fixed the issues on all but one I think (I had three suddenly not charging and two of three had no sound, now they charge and only one has no sound (I think?)).

I am thinking about upgrading my barn only with a wired system with options for motion-detection or live-only so I can put one in each stall plus aisle and exterior. Then move the Arlos to just the house and driveway.

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We have no internet or wi-fi at the barn, so I have a Reolink Go camera that runs off of a data plan, and I really like it. It’s an indoor/outdoor camera and can be set up with a solar panel. Mine’s inside, so I just bought an extra battery and change them out. I’ve been really happy with it.

A friend of mine uses an updated version of the Go in her field (that will pan the area) and loves it as well.