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Barn flooding HELP!

Help this past winter my farm has weathered down so much! Now everytime it rains all the water just sits everywhere instead of draining and if it’s bad enough it will flood into my barn. It’s started to create big ponds in my pastures. I need someone to come out a pitch my farm so that the water just runs off. I want to get a contractor out to fix the problem but don’t know where to begin.

Ask around for ‘grading’ contractors. I have an amazing one locally, he can produce works of art with his hydrostatic transmission bulldozer.

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What @wsmoak said,
The contractor who put in the base for my barn/indoor was the Da Vinci of Excavators.
It took him longer to be satisfied the base was level than it took the builder to put up the structures!

He even convinced me to place the barn & indoor farther from the house than I originally wanted as the ground was higher.
But the payoff is my barn does not now (& has not in almost-15yrs) flood.
The only water I get is in the slight depressions in front of the stalls from vermin tunneling - stall floors remain level - and that is only when we get torrential rain or excessive snowmelt.

The sub-contractor that put in the pad for our barn did not do a good job on the corral areas. I agree you need to find a grading contractor. We found a local guy that knows the conditions here. He also created a work of art for us. You do need to be mindful of who is below you if you’re creating a runoff onto someone else’s property.

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I have had french drains installed at both of my barn entrances. The water used to run down the bank straight into the barn. The problem had been that my bank barn was used to house cows. As the ceiling was not high enough for the horses we had to dig out the floor by about a foot which of course was an invitation for the water to flow in.

The french drains are now working well.

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