Barn for a young, keen rider Westchester, NY

I’m looking for a barn for my 8 year old daughter to really improve her riding and have the opportunity to do local shows. So far we’re kind of stuck at a perpetual “school” barn where the people are very sweet and not pushy at all but they are also pretty content having someone hang out in the once a week flat lessons forever.
I’m looking for a mid-range barn in Westchester County, NY or Fairfield, CT where she can get solid instruction and the opportunity to do some local shows.

…I can ask my brother, but not to put too fine a point on it, do you own a horse and what are you willing to spend? Said brother drives out to Duchess County for lessons because the barns nearer to him (he lives in Mount Kisco and works in White Plains) are extremely pricey, especially if you need to board.


Sent you a private message with a really great option.

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Perhaps Back Country in Greenwich? or Stratford in Purchase? Courtyard in Bedford Hills?

So many of the local barns are high end places, with prices and AA show schedules to match.

Thank you all. We’re in Southern Westchester and don’t have a horse of our own (yet), so I’m trying to keep it somewhat close (within 20-30 minutes away) and still decent. Boulder Brook is the closest to us, and Stratford Farm seems to be the next closest. Does anyone have insight on the two?
In the spirit of transparency, Twin Lakes is also nearby but not a contender.
thank you all! Happy social distancing:)

Fox Hill Farm in Purchase

Hi! I’m also looking for mid-range board in CT, would you be able to PM me as well? Thanks!