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Barn Kitty wars

Is there any solution other than containment and or removal for Kitty disagreements/territorial aggression between cats?

I have one neutered male (mostly feral) and 4 neutered females (semi feral) and right now the females are in a barn room with a wired outside viewing porch and the male has run of the property. They have know each other for years and he could be aggressive. But he moved across the road to this barn side and now I have to move the girls there also because of a pending sale.

I think he will run them off if I let them out once they are re-acclaimed to the new (old living situation). He is big.
So do I contain him and let them loose or try to rehome him (good luck)–or keep the girls confined or some other suggestion??

How can you have 12 acres and still not enough room for 5 cats–ugh!!

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How old is the male and how long has he been neutered? If he is a good mouse hunter maybe he could be rehomed to another barn? Do you have any rescue groups that could help find him a good home?

Good luck and I hope he settles down soon.

Can’t help —Gordon has only been neutered 6 weeks and he’s aggressive to the feral colony I support. Hope he settles down. He’s also aggressive to the raccoons and the little possum. Don’t care.

This might make me sound like a horrible person, but if I had five mostly feral cats and only one was the issue while the others cohabitated and did their barn kitty jobs… Humane euthanasia is not a terrible end for any kitty.


This was on my radar as well.

A small vet bill right now could avoid much bigger ones later on, if they tussle hard enough. Plus the whole “common denominator” argument. The others get along just fine, why punish them?

I’d try to find a barn home for him first, but humane euthanasia would be an option too.


Thanks everyone- hard choices, but with winter coming, I am guessing one of my factions may not mind so much being kept up and cozy until I figure out the best course of action. Neutered male has been neutered for years now so I don’t expect much change. (I have an unneutered male I still need to catch and he got along with the girls just fine, but fought with this guy.) Thanks again.

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