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Barn Renovation and Temporary Stall Ideas

We are moving to a nice 30 acre place with great pasture land surrounding it. I plan to bring my yearling (currently boarded) home for some much needed pasture time along with two other horses from home. Our new place has a 40X40 shed that, with some TLC, would make a nice horse barn. There is also a remote chance of renovating a large, old, wooden grainery into my horse barn. This is my first choice - high ceilings, stout wooden beams - It would be beautiful and functional! My question is this: What would work best as a temporary stalling option for my 3 horses until the barn work can be complete? The yearling is used to turn out during the day and being stalled at night. The other two are on full pasture turn-out. I am also thinking about tie stalls for feeding and then giving them a portion of the 40x40 as shelter possibly eliminating the need for stalls. Also, what are your thoughts on dirt floor vs. concrete floor? If we go with stalls, mats and wood chips will be used.

Thank you for all of your insight!

I would tell the yearling to harden up and get used to 24 hour turnout (at least till Winter). That way you have some time to do one of the buildouts in a relaxed way.

Unless you rent portable stalls I don’t see a good temporary option. The materials for solidly built stalls are heavy and expensive so building something in a hurry to tear down later would not be my preferred option.

We use corral panels to make a square pen, 16 foot on a side. They have their uses for separation during feeding time, keeping them up for the farrier or the vet, etc. My old guy doesn’t particularly like being in a stall in a barn but the pens are enough “outside” that he is relaxed in them.

The ones we have are a little shaky just held together with their pins, so DH lashes them together with that orange baling twine. I’m not sure if they would be safe for a yearling, depends on his size I guess. They could be set up indoors in your buildings as well.