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Barn/Trainer in Des Moines, Iowa area?

I might be moving to Johnston, Iowa for a job.

I have several horses. I am looking for a point of contact, someone who I can train with when I get there?? And who could talk to me about affordable, horse-y areas for living?

I know no one with horses up there. Anyone in the region is welcome to message me or comment! Please help! I hate flying blind.

P.S. I am an exercise rider, I jump with my current mare. :slight_smile:

There are not a lot of barns in Des Moines area. Some I know who does Hunter is Courtney Quinn and there is a different barn call Irish Run (I think).

Well there a ton of shows at Maffit Lake and I believe Kyle Muckler is there as well. That might get you started (I will be showing there next week and will keep my eyes open for ya)

That’s great, do you guys live in the area?? I will need riding friends! I am flying blind!

Kyle Muckler is great!

Contact Maggie Moss… she’s now into racing, but WELL CONNECTED!!!

I am originally from central Iowa, although I haven’t lived there in a while. Valley Park Stable and Windy Ridge in DM were the bigger names in hunter/jumper barns when I lived there. Maffitt Lake was also very nice but seemed to go through some management changes so I don’t know who is running it now. Stillwater Stables and Sally Pray had a good reputation as well, although I never actually saw the barn.

Good luck with your move!