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Barns in Ann Arbor

I’ve recently moved to Ann Arbor, MI and looking for recommendations. I’m returning to more serious riding after a long hiatus. I was wondering if someone could recommend a location with lesson horses (I want to get back into riding shape before searching for a horse to purchase). Open to all barns, including hunter/jumper, as I’m mostly trying to get some saddle time.

In terms of eventing, I’m planning on purchasing a horse next year and I’d like to try to get back to prelim or maybe even try for intermediate at some point in my life (not sure if I’ll ever have the guts for that, but I can dream!) Any recommendations for a trainer that has experience bringing horses or students up to that level would be appreciated!

I’m familiar with the h/j scene there, for a place with lesson horses I’d recommend Willowbrooke but I probably wouldn’t board there as most of their turnout is super muddy, or Hedge and Turf might have some but they focus on the A circuit more.

For eventing I have a friend who rides with Brittany Weber at prelim and loves it there but I don’t know if they have lesson horses or anything. Also I know Cobblestone is the big eventing barn in the area but I heard they’re selling so I have no idea what’s going on there right now.

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Cathy Henderson (Henderson Equestrian Services, https://m.facebook.com/profile.php/?id=100040646245483) is wonderful. You can read more about her and her daughter, upper level rider Caitlin Henderson, here: https://www.chronofhorse.com/article/one-to-watch-henderson-balances-nursing-with-advanced-eventing/


My only familiarity with the area is Cobblestone Farm/ Revel Run that hosts recognized and schooling shows. Might want to reach out to them?

Volunteering for the local events is the fastest best way I know to get into the community and get these questions answered by locals!


Another vote for Cathy Henderson at Timber Run. School horses to get back in the groove on and there are occasionally privately owned horses in the barn available for partial lease.