Barns in the Pittsburgh, PA area

Hi all!
It looks like my BF and I will be moving to the Pittsburgh Area. He will be working out of West Mifflin, so ideally we are interested in something close to that area.
We haven’t seen much in way of properties for sale on places like or So we are a little worried that maybe the area isn’t ideal for horses.
We have 5 horses and would ideally like to keep them at home. But I will also need a HJ trainer at some point as I have a promising mare I am bringing along.
So where are all the HJ barns located in the area. And what is the show circuit like on that’s side of the state?

Where are you comparing to?! There are a smattering of barns but its nothing like Nova or Midatlantic or other real hotspots.

I used to ride at Bargee. Not much of a rated show scene locally.

I currently live the SE Michigan. We have a fairly active A and B circuit and barns to suit the needs of riders competing on those circuits.
We are just really somewhat concerned that we don’t see any real big show type barns or barns in general. And that the land in that area, while beautiful, is not ideal for horses. Seems like all the land that is has been cleared is very pricey.
I’ve heard of Bargee, and looking thru some older searches have found mention of Horse On Course Farm. But all seem to be on the N or NE side. Does everyone just travel to Ohio for shows? Or the east side of the state?
I guess I am just spoiled that there are reasonable horse shows to travel to in Michigan that are 2-3 hr drives max!

It won’t be like what you’re used to. There are 2-3ish “show barns” and you have to hike to get to rated shows. There are more winglish or breed show barns and some schooling shows more catered to them. To give you sone perspective, my local tack shop was in some lady’s garage and basement :wink:

But… Primanti Bros sandwiches. So it’s not ALL bad.

West Mifflin = very unhorsey!

Unfortunately, Western PA is rather a dead zone for H/J. You will have to go to South Park/Bethel Park area, or north to Barbie Bancroft/Bargee or Linda Stevens/Fox Hollow Farm or Cornerstone Equestrian/Ahna Cafaro, to find any halfway decent H/J barns. There are local-type or multi-discipline barns around the Elizabeth/Rostraver areas, but decent trainers are sadly lacking.

There are hardly any rated shows close by, except for Horse On Course and the Sewickly Horse Show. Yes, many people go to Ohio, State College, eastern PA, VA, etc to show at rated shows. Few decent schooling shows anywhere. Mostly just QH shows or open shows where they pin the QH-types.

I grew up there, in Elizabeth Township-area, and you could not pay me enough to move back!

Agreed. You’ll be looking north of the city for the nice HJ barns. Bargee, Blackburn, Horse on Course and Cedar Run have good reputations, IME. South of the city and further north (Beaver and Butler area) have a lot more western and backyard-ish barns. Horse on Course does one or two B rated shows a year. I think Sewickley Hunt’s is a B too. Otherwise, I think you’ll have to leave the state or go to mid-PA for the next closest ones.

Born and raised near there and back in the day there was a very active hunter scene and a nice circuit of WaPHA shows but alas, they have all pretty much died with Sewickley being a lone survivor. I miss those shows! One does have to travel north of the city for the bigger hunter barns though I understand there are a couple of ok places in the South Park/Bethel Park area which is not far from West Mifflin. Morechoices of shows in Ohio which is a couple hour drive, central PA which is a good 3 hour or more, VA again, around 3 hours or more. I doubt you will find any horse properties for sale around WM since it is pretty built up but you may have success if you look south towards Elizabeth.

Thank you everyone for your input! It is very helpful. Seems like some of my fears are being realized!!! ?? but I am going to keep an open mind. Interesting to hear about the Elizabeth/Rostraver area. As my Mom says I have a second cousin who is a vet in Rostraver and lives in the Belle Vernon area.
We are starting to realize that anywhere we find is going to be a drive to get to West Mifflin. But this will be helpful to figure out where we should look for potential land and eventually a trainer. Thank you all sooo much. I knew I could count on the Forum for good, honest advice!

North is where you’ll find the nice HJ barns… BarGee, Cedar Run, Winstar and Blackburn are my first recommended. Bloomfield stables is in Belle Vernon I believe and would recommend them as well. From my understanding, there isn’t many options for HJ barns in the Elizabeth/Rostraver area, it’s more QH, 4-H barns. Farther north is Horse on Course… they only host schooling shows now (Formerly known as Triple M). The only remaining B show at HOC is the WPaPHA show but due to the ongoing footing issues with the outdoor rings, if the PHA doesn’t have an answer on the footing being resolved by January, their B show will be pulled from the facility as well for 2015. Sewickley Hunt has two B shows and the MHJA has a very large schooling show that take place at the wpqha show grounds. Otherwise you’ll be traveling at least 2 hours from Pittsburgh to show.

Barns in Pittsburgh

I ride at Bargee Farms . I have been here for 10 years . It is the best show stable ect! Barbie is great ! They have many other trainers as well . The care is the best. We go to all of the “A” shows . Feel free to contact me anytime .