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Barns near Boulder?

We’re pondering a move from the Bay Area to Boulder (or Boulder-adjacent — maybe Lafayette or Louisville-ish), and will be looking to relocate our horses (my mare and my daughter’s pony, and ideally I’d find a place for my youngest to take lessons, as well). We’re open to a huge range of boarding and training setups (full service/not, boarding somewhere and trailering out for lessons or having someone come to us, maybe an eventing barn, whatever), as long as it’s at a place with significant turnout (we’re starved for it in the Bay Area and I would give multiple limbs to let my horse be a horse for a few hours a day). I’d very much appreciate any insights you could share on the local scene, trainers you’d recommend, etc. Thanks in advance!

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Significant turnout can be hard to find. Do not expect the turnout to have grass year round or at all. Most people moving from out of state are dead set on big grass turnouts and it is unfortunately not what you normally can find.

I’m not in the area, so I can’t tell you what barns to look at, but I can tell you large grass turnouts are extremely hard to find.


Oh, it needn’t be grass — just outdoor space bigger than my dining room would be a major step up!

I would recommend Laurie Grayson at Singletree

Second Laurie. I am with her barn. Good programs for all ages

Welcome! You are me three years ago, moving out from the Bay area.

There are a lot of great Facebook groups for CO equestrians. I would check out a new one called Equestrians of Colorado which will have a lovely group of folks.

We’re all pretty open here, not a lot of weirdness between barns and trainers which is great. But yes, turnout can be a big challenge.

I board at Spectrum Equestrian with Liz Carvahlo that has what I’ve found to be one of the most turnout in the Boulder area, and some of the stalls have little attached runs, but we’re full up with a waiting list I believe. DM me and I can give you my trainer’s # if you wanted to see about that piece or you can also find her page on Facebook.

There are a lot of places north of Longmont, a few in Erie (that’s where mine is), and then you can go down south by Golden / Arvada that has some more and isn’t too far away. If you want to stay IN Boulder then Singletree is your best option. It’s a difference of about a 15-20 minute drive, which gets you much further than the Bay area because there’s much less traffic.

DM me if you want to talk more! Welcome!

Welcome! I second or third Laurie. There’s also Amy Henze that does HJ, cornerstone farm, blue cloud, and a few others I can’t think of. Triple creek does eventing but I believe they have a bunch of kids.

I also know of a few smaller, low key boarding barn setups if you decide to do the trailer in thing. If you were coming tomorrow I’d have a better idea for you if what’s open though. The paddock paradise thing is also getting popular out here with a few boulder county boarding barns moving towards that if that’s something that interests you.

Feel free to PM me, and welcome!!!