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Barns near Greenville, SC

Hello Everyone!
I’m going to be moving out to Greenville, SC next year, and I’ll be taking my horse with me. I’m currently on the lookout for some barns that might be good options for my horse and me! I’m looking to compete in the A/O 3’6" Hunters and if that helps with recommendations at all. I’d be looking to compete in local A shows in the spring/summer/fall and I don’t mind a commute! 45 minutes is probably my max. I know there are a few threads out there, but they’re 3 years old so I wanted to start a new one just to see if anything has changed. Thanks so much for your time!!

I’m a dressage rider moving up to that area (about 25 minutes east of Greenville) this summer. I’ll send you a PM of the list I put together. 45 minutes should almost put you to Tryon so you may find some good barns up more towards Landrum, SC.

I highly recommend Clearview Farm, about 35 minutes from the center of Greenville. I used to be a working student for Jeanne. Extremely professional and very good at what they do.

I would stay away from Bramblewood. No matter how nice it looks.

Top Call is a barn often mentioned, the training is good, but I boarded at a barn that looked nicer (with no real hunter trainer) for half the cost. I was going to trailer in for lessons until I got injured.

Unfortunately I found the horse scene to be horrible down there. It’s mostly western pleasure based. You have to go to Tryon or Aiken for serious shows and barns.

I did go see a bunch of barns about 3 years ago when I lived there and wasn’t impressed with any of them.

If anyone also knows any place close to Clemson University, that would be great!
I can do somewhere private. I have seen Stoneridge… not the place for my old fat hunter.

I live here in the Landrum area, and though I don’t know her that well like Kim over at bramblewood, is very nice. Her barn is not for everyone, and it is not a ‘show barn’. The horses are well cared for and well loved, Gucci is the first complaint I have ever heard of her facility.

Full Service Hunter Jumper show barns:
Top Call Farm (# not in phone) is in Travelers Rest - hunter jumper and not far from greenville.
outdoor ring, but not a lot of turn out. They do local and rated shows.

Clear View Farm 864- 895 7845 gowansville area ( greenville side of landrum)- Jeanne Smith & Lisa Miller - - higher end, 2 outdoor rings, good grass turn out newish facility, has an adult am crowd and a jr crowd as well as IEA highs school teams.
Kelly Kocher ( Andy Kocher’s Dad) / Block House Sport Horses 864-497-2967 - Covered and outdoor rings, lots of grass turn out. Excellent teacher, has mostly sales and a few boarding / training clients also does ship ins. Hunters Jumpers & big EQ some local shows, mostly rated around zone 4.

Lee & Amanda Cone ( not far from Clr view) farm name escapes me at the moment. low key show barn does local circuits and local A shows. 864-918-4819
out door ring, lots of grass turn out.

Looking Glass Farm - Erika Conklin 864-915-2526 Taylors / Travelers Rest Area Hunter / Jumper Local circuits. large ring, grass turn out, good size indoor to keep fit in winter when weather is crappy.

showy look up Jaimie allen grant rowland on fb… she teaches the clemson eq. team and can probably help you find a boarding situation in Anderson county.

As a side note, the horse scene is concentrated but HUGE over here in the Tryon Area. Lots of shows for every level… from getting your green bean cheap show miles, to being zone champion, hunter paces, organized trail rides, cross country schools. Outside of Atlanta, NY tri state and dc metro I dont know of a whole lot of citys with a very heavily active horse scene.

feel free to PM me with more details on what you are looking for and I can give you more info, I’m sure there are others but these are the ones I know and would feel comfortable leaving more horse at. I have ridden at clear view and its great but im more of a do it yourself adult amie. I switched to Kelly and he is great, no drama if you want to go to a show hes not headed to. In fact he’s very encouraging about it. He doesnt expect you to sit home if he drags the JRS to atlanta. :smiley: . Shrug… my kinda set up. Clear view and kelly both do ship ins for sure for lessons and training rides. I would bet the cones and top call do also, i just dont know. :slight_smile:

I have been riding at Clear View with Lisa and Jeanne for nearly 20 years. They provide the highest quality traing and instruction with respect for horses and customers alike. Jeanne and Lisa love horses, and teaching people how to be better riders.

As small as our area is, we have good trainers in all disciplines, and with TIEC there will be more coming. I’m sure you will be able to find someone you will be happy with.

You guys are all so amazing. Thank you for the copious amount of information!!

JJ Tate literally just moved to Landrum. Check out her place. She’s awesome!

Does Clearview have lesson horses, or do you have to have your own?

Does Clearview have lesson horses, or do you have to have your own?[/QUOTE]

Lesson horses available.

Thank you all for your help!!