Barns/Trainers in/around Ansbach, Germany

So I’m in the Army and I will soon be stationed in southern Germany. I’ve lived in South Korea for the past year and I was wondering anyone knew of any barns in southern Germany. Around the Ansbach area. I know it’s a long shot, but there are lots of people on here and all have different knowledges of the horse world! I seriously need to get back into riding since I haven’t ridden seriously in almost two years and Germany is the perfect place to start back up again. Any help is much appreciated!

Also, I’m still young (only 20), and have ridden my entire life, I just need a little extra help looking for places outside the US!

Mr. PM says this may not be close enough for you but he was recently in the Stuttgart area and while out running came across a riding school in Vaihingen. Complete (as only the Germans can do) with a gasthof.

Well in Ansbach ist the Bavarian State Riding school. I know they offer courses and they have a great reputation…
this is their HP. If you need help with the translation I would be glad to do that.
Lehrgaenge means Courses

Thank You! I’ll look into that!

I know some horse people near Munich–they have a barn, teach, ride and have an American father/grandfather, so they speak English quite fluently. If you would like their contact information, if the Munich area is close enough, let me know. The granddaughter is just about your age.

Slight derail…I was in Ansbach for two years! What unit are you with?