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Barns/trainers near Waupaca, WI?

Hello! I have a close friend relocating to Waupaca, WI with her Training+ level eventer. Any barn/trainer recommendations would be so appreciated! She is prepared to commute, so even if you know of a barn/trainer that may not be right in Waupaca, I’d love to grab the name from you to pass along to her!

Thank you so so much for your time and help!

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Eric Dierks at Stonehedge Farm in Union Grove WI is amazing. Great teacher and very focused on helping both rider and horse.

It’s probably way too far for her, but Eric Dierks is at Stonehedge in Union Grove and he is awesome. Might want to at least check with him to see if he has any recommendations for closer to Waupaca.

I 3rd Erie Dierks.

Eric Dierks will be competing in the Silverwood Horse Trial in Trevor, WI on September 4, if your friend is interested in meeting him or watching him ride.

Yall are amazing, THANK YOU! I will pass Eric Dierk’s name along :slight_smile: Sounds like he’s got a solid reputation and program!