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Barns Within 30 Mins of Seattle

I am looking to move within a 30 minute commute of downtown Seattle. A key consideration in choosing where to live is to find a good, pleasant, no drama hunter/jumper barn near trails. If you were making this move, where would you choose to go? :smiley:

Issaquah/sammamish/fall city area is quite horsey and I can recommend some places there. Sometimes commute is 20 min, sometimes it was 45 if traffic was bad (especially when they put tolls on that bridge a few years ago) I90 is literally running through issaquah and sammamish, but houses are pricey since it is a highly sought after area. Fall city is cheaper and more country but there are still some great barns and trainers out there.
I never lived in the area but the woodenville/Redmond/Kirkland has some good barns too, especially the bridle trails area but expect to pay $$$$ for there.
Fall city has a good trail system if I remember. I actually could ride all the way from my barn to the city communal arena on a trail. Sammamish is bad for trails, but there is some road riding you can do and beaver lake park allows trailer ins. Only one barn I know of on the plateau has a true trail system off of it, which is rockmeadow. Issaquah has some great trails if you know how to find them.
And of course, bridle trails is one of the best places to trail ride in the area.
If you need recommendations let me know. I can say we loved living in sammamish, even if it was expensive. If I ever moved back I would move there or fall city.

Live on Bainbridge island and take the ferry.

What’s your monthly budget? Board and training can run over $2,000 at some of the bigger barns.

I left Kirkland about 15 years ago, so not sure if the good barns (Legacy, Thumbs Up, Parkplace) are even still going strong out there. Our barn was directly on Bridle Trails Park it was fantastic. They had schooling shows in the little rings there, and lots of trails – wider ones great for a nice canter, and also little winding wooded ones. Great place to have horses.

I sent you a PM :slight_smile:

I do not think there is any place outside the city limits proper that are reliably within 30 minutes of downtown

unless you can swing off hours you need to plan on a bit longer.

A second looking at and around Bridle Trails

There are not many barns that are still within hacking distance of Bridle Trails, particularly now that Evergreen is closed. Aleron is at KHC and that is next to Bridle Trails, but that comes with a hefty price tag. You will, however, find quite a few barns with access to the Tolt Pipeline or other similar pseudo trail options.