Barrel Racing after splint bone removal surgery

So I have a barrel horse who two months ago fractured her right hind splint bone and had to get the bottom portion removed. It was a clean break and only the bottom 2/3 of the whole thing so we’re all confident she’ll make a complete recovery. She’s already doing extremely well.

I know every horse is different but my question for you guys is, have your horse’s needed a splint bone surgically removed and how long did it take before you were able to barrel race or at least start loping on the flat?

She’s 100% sound and she’s just about had it with the stall rest and only twenty minutes of walking a day and has shown us all that she can move beautifully.

I’m just worried about how fast or slow to take getting back to racing. My vet says by beginning/mid-december she should be back at performance level.

I just don’t want to over do it but I don’t want to baby it too much either, you know?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

Well…I have no experience with splint bone fracture and subsequent removal surgery.

And I have never barrel raced, though I have a friend who does.

There are very few forum members here at COTH who have experience with barrel racing, though there are a few.

I would suggest that you post your question in the Horse Care forum. You are likely to find several people who have had a horse with a splint bone fracture, and returned the horse to a demanding physical job, such as jumping.

I’ll do that now, thank you!

While I barrel race, I’ve never had one that had that type of injury. All I can say is to pay attention to your horse and follow the advice of your vet.

Horses are incredible animals. It’s amazing what they heal from and what they can go back to doing. Much to my surprise and my vet’s, my horse Red returned to barrel racing this year after 3 years due to a tendon injury. It hasn’t bothered him one bit. I surely never thought I’d ever get to take him down the alley again.