Bartville Harness and Similar Businesses

Alright guys, I want a bridle from Bartville. I actually want a flat hunt bridle but a padded one will do. Does anyone know what Bartville charges for a super basic bridle nowadays? I would go there but I’m in Arkansas so… I love the feel of the heavy duty nunn finer tack that I think is made by Bartville. That stuff LASTS.

Does anyone know of any other good custom leather shops that make tack? Preferable in the US, but I know there are some good places in the UK that made affordable tack. I’m wanting a bridle that will LAST a long time a look good doing it. (This bridle might be a HS graduation present from family woot woot) I love the feel of that strong harness leather and I think my boy could look really nice in a flat bridle.


Check out their FB:
Their 2020 catalog is posted in their photos.

Their flat hunt bridle runs the $120 mark, no reins.
Their padded dressage bridle runs $170-190 range.

I’ve cleaned a lot of their tack, including harnesses. Good sturdy leather, great quality hardware. It will not come to you soft and floppy like “modern” bridles do, but it will last you a while.

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Amy McGee sources these from the UK. She’s on FB. She’s lovely to deal with.

Look for Black Diamond Designs on FB for Amy’s bridles and leather work. It’s lovely—I have the flat bridle she imports, for sidesaddle. Definitely a better quality of leather than the more utilitarian Bartville bridles.

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Thank you!

Any idea on the price of these? I don’t have a FB (ik I’m behind)

I honestly don’t remember what I paid for the bridle specifically, because I bought it from her at the same time she was doing work on my sidesaddle, and paid for the bit to be sewn in, two sets of reins for the pelham etc as well, so I don’t remember what was for the bridle specifically, sorry.

Definitely more expensive than Bartville or the Bobby’s hunt bridles, but a little less than other nicer bridles, like an Edgewood would be (not that they do flat, but…).

I want to say Amy’s are in the $200-250 range with reins but please don’t quote me on that as an exact figure.

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If you are on a budget get the HDR hunt bridle:

For the price HDR is good. It’s better quality than brands of similar price point (like Camelot).

Dover has a house made hunt bridle that is expensive but it is legitimately nice:

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Thank you! I’ve felt the HDR bridles and want something more workmanlike. I want sturdy. I want “lasts longer than you want it to”

Bartville makes all the leather goods for Nunn Finer but just half the price. I personally love the bartville flat hunt bridle I got from them and was able to customize it pretty easily. My guy is typically a cob but needed their horse size bridle but with cob length cheek pieces (cob bridle runs really small so if your guy is normally a cob, I would do what I did). Pretty sure the hunt bridle is around $150 and you cant beat the leather quality or sturdiness of it. I suggest it! Give them a call and I have found that is the best wat to communicate with them.