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Bates Innova vs Artiste?

I’m considering purchasing a new dressage saddle, and am wanting an adjustable monoflap. I’ve decided on Bates, as I have the advanta and love it, however I’m not sure which one I’d prefer between the Innova or the Artiste.
A little about me and my horse: I’m 5’8 and 160lbs, and my horse is 15 hands and a medium wide in Bates/wintec gullets. He’s a draft cross with a curvier back (still with a solid topline and not unusually so.)
Any info on the differences would be greatly appreciated, I need all the help I can get. Money is not a problem, if I need to, I’ll save up a few months.
Thanks in advance!!!

I have the Artiste and I really like it. The difference I think is the way the saddle sits you and the Luxe leather is to die for. Really grippy. It does seem to sit me in the sweet spot and if I’m not so tight I can’t ride in my dressage saddle at all it’s very comfortable.

The artiste is a slightly curvier panel (I think) and if I remember correctly, the Mono has a narrower twist (marginally). Personally, I was more comfortable in the Artiste than the Mono (with a short flap, my legs are too short for the normal flap) after using both for extended periods of time even though I usually like a narrow twist but it’s really a toss up.