Bath and Bodyworks wallflowers and cats…safe or no?

Okay so kind of a goofy question, does anyone know if wall flowers are safe to have in the house with cats? Dr. Google says any of those essential oil/artificial scent devices might not be safe, but the sources are questionably reliable and I’ve never heard anyone IRL say anything about it either way. I’m not worried about him trying to eat them, more worried about reactions/toxicity/allergies?

We’ve always had cats, but we’ve never used any kind of wall flower type device in the house with them, so the idea is brand new to us.

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Personally, I stay away from any essential oil diffusers because of this same concern. Don’t have much to add other than what I found online was a bit speculative but to me, not worth the risk.


I use the wallflowers & have cats. Don’t seem to have any issues. I don’t have them in every room, and I often forget to refill them. But definitely don’t see any changes in the cats when I do!

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I have a cat and a parrot. I won’t use anything with essential oils. Febreeze is deadly to birds, as are most candles (except bees wax without scent). It limits my options but it also makes me more aware of what I’m breathing in, not just my pets.

  • I try to open the windows and air things out when the weather allows.
  • I’ll buy the cheapest whole coffee beans I can find and use them in bowls to absorb smells (just making sure to keep them out of the reach of the animals).
  • Keep some indoor plants around to clean the air.
  • Simmer whole cinnamon sticks, apples, orange peels, vanilla beans, spent lemons etc on the stove or in a small crock pot.

I’ve quit using air fresheners, plug-ins and scented candles.

I missed them for a long time but I did notice a difference when I quit using them. The cats didn’t sneeze as much and I didn’t smell anything on their fur when I picked them up.

I do cinnamon and cloves in water on stove and open windows when weather allows.

My Buster, a Siamese, had an allergic reaction to a Febreze plug-in that required a vet visit so I’m very careful about scented products. I don’t use any plug-ins but instead do the same as @TequilaMockingbird and @rubygirl1968, air out the house and simmer herbs/spices in water on the stove. I also burn these candles.

By the way, your Meezer is adorable! :heart_eyes: :heart: