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Battery powered weed wackers

Thinking of buying a battery powered weed wacker for the farm. (The Stihl gas/oil hates me. I seem ro have a different issue every time I use it. But others have no problem). Anyway, what’s the opinion of the Stihl battery and Ryobi? I have a DR trimmer for really rough jobs but it’s hard to use in paddocks with ruts and uneven footing.

I have one and I love it. I just can’t get those damn gas ones to crank. So much easier to put the battery in and hit the on switch. Sure the battery doesn’t last forever before it needs to be recharged but I usually am ready to quit when it poops out. Or you can have two batteries.


We have a small Stihl battery operated weed whacker and it’s awesome. We also have a large gas operated Stihl- I buy the premix oil/gas and it makes life a breeze.

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Is yours a Stihl?

We have a Dewalt one and I LOVE it!!! So much better and lighter than our gas Stihl one. We have the big 20amp battery and it can do our property on one charge no problem (it takes about 1-1.5hr to do our property).


I have the Ryobi and have been happily surprised at how well it works. Its light and I can usually finish the job with a fully charged big battery.

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I very much wanted this to work and bought the Dewalt 60 V weed eater. After trying to make it work for a couple years I just ponied up and bought a commercial grade gas powered one. My electric weed eater would only make it down about one fence line before having to switch the battery. Just wasn’t very practical when trying to get stuff done and the batteries aren’t cheap.


No. Ego maybe? I will have to look. Not going back outside if I can help it for a while.

I have one, I’ve posted before about how much I love it. I can’t remember off the top of my head what it is, I think it’s Ryobi…


I have an Ego. Love it.


I don’t have the Ryobi weed eater, but I have everything else! I love their stuff. Too bad, someone put one out for the pickers (condo dumpster) about a month ago. I almost picked it up, just because, but didn’t.

We have a Stihl battery operated weed wacker, and it is terrific! Not too heavy, and the battery charge lasts longer than I feel like weedwacking!

I have the Ryobi. Its pretty efficient for the stuff I have to do. I do find the battery a bit heavy, but not anywhere near as heavy as a tank of gas.

My last one was a wired electric which was much lighter but freaked my husband out.

I’m still limp-armed and shaky by the time I’m finished with it.


Just used my DeWalt one for the first time and adore it! I too have a hell of a time with pull-starts. I’m kinda glad to hear some of you do too. At least two batteries is a good plan though. Mine only made it across about 240 feet of fence and quit 10 feet from the corner. To be fair, it may not have been 100% charged, the grass was very tall, and I was ready for a break anyway. We have a bunch of other 20V DeWalt tools and I love them all. I also got the little chainsaw and am excited to break that one in sometime!

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I have a wonderful Ryobi, battery powered, trimmer for the grass edges that need tidying. I have an amazing Echo battery powered 21" lawn mower that I love (used for certain paths, pergolas, and a complicated garden I take care of). I also have the biggest of the Stihl gas powered weed whackers, it only ever has the big triangular blade on it. I love it, it will go through young tree sprouts up to an inch in width (or a fiberglass fence post…sigh) without even slowing down. It is one of the most valuable and useful tools we have. I also hate it, when it starts: it starts. When it doesn’t want to? I have to find DH (lifetime logger with an ability to start any of those d----ed two stroke oil/gas engines) who has much longer arms than I do and can get that rope pull engine to turn over even if it is too hot, too much gas vapor, too much whatever.
(I should note, my rule on the gas powered Stihl: two tanks of gas or when I start loosing concentration, whichever comes first. It is not a casual tool)

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That’s my problem. When the Stihl starts it’s great, but unfortunately I don’t have a DH to fix it immediately when it doesn’t!


If he isn’t around, I have to walk away from it. It almost always is because it has either flooded or has vapor locked if I am trying to restart it on a hot tank. I love it…but I really, kind of, hate it. It all comes down to having enough speed and leverage to get the engine to turn over fast enough. Either one does, or one doesn’t. Or one is the sort of person who loves to maintain two stroke engines…anyone? !


I have a battery powered little string trimmer. I love it. As a short woman 5 ft tall it is completely manageable and not heavy and I don’t tear my body apart getting it running. It was a Lowes Memorial Day special. Can’t remember the brand. So much better than gas.

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Mine worked fine Saturday. Drove it to my mom’s and it wouldn’t start. Let it sit for an hour and tried it again and still not starting. I googled but since I know nothing about engines, it was like reading a foreign language!

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