Bay Area Trails

Does anyone have a favorite trail in the East Bay?

30 years ago ( when I lived there) we used to ride in Garin Park. I have no idea if it is still there!

I used to ride in Briones. Lots of trials or at least there were…

I think I’m going to ride Briones Bear Creek this weekend. Thanks!

Long time rider and now hiker (>40 years) of Redwood Regional Park (now renamed Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park). Wonderful park, especially if you like cool shady trails with redwoods. The French Trail is my favorite…single track, in the shade, and varied topography and flora.

With COVID, the parks have seen quite an increase in park users. Anticipate lots of dogs (and bicycles, although bicycles aren’t supposed to be on the French trail). If you have a “steady eddy” kind of horse, you will be fine.

Briones’ Bear Creek to Alhambra is a nice hour (four miles), with elevation, views of the the Bay, and a swing past the lagoons. There are dogs, cows, and mountain bikers, but the trail is wide enough for everyone.